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Marquee accessories for styling and redesigning your marquee.

Our large range of marquee accessories covers many different items you can use for redesigning your marquee, decorating it, or as spare parts if something is broken or lost. Our marquee accessories also include important safety products like storm pegs and storm straps, which is important to use every time you put up a marquee no matter the event. Look for the Dancover Safety Packs containing everything you need to secure the marquee in case of bad weather. Having a Safety Pack can prevent unnecessary accidents where things are broken and people can get hurt.

Marquee accessories for redesigning your marquee.

Marquee accessories include sidewalls, middle walls, end walls, and roof covers. More or less all the various parts your marquee consist of, to begin with. We offer different parts for your marquee in case you have lost e.g. a sidewall, or some other parts of the cover are damaged. The range of marquee accessories do not only include spare parts - but they will also offer you different items that will enhance your marquee experience and make everything more flexible. You can choose from a wide variety of roof covers, sidewalls, middle walls, end walls, rain gutters and ground bar frames, which will provide the marquee with even more stability. Do you feel like changing something about your marquee? Order a new sidewall with large Georgian style windows, which will give you a wonderful inflow of light and a great outlook from within the marquee. That is just to mention a single possibility!

Marquee accessories also include spare parts for your marquee.

Marquee accessories including spare parts are available so you may enjoy your marquee even longer. No matter which kind of marquee you select, it will serve you for a long time provided you handle it with a bit of care when assembling, disassembling, and storing it. Small parts may disappear or something can be damaged for one reason or the other. If you have a marquee with parts missing or damaged, you cannot use for anything. Do not despair, Dancover offers all you need for your marquee so you can enjoy the marquee for as long as you want.

Marquee accessories for redesigning and for making your marquee last even longer.

The category with marquee accessories is all the visible parts of a marquee - more or less. Here you look when you want to change or redesign your marquee - or need to replace a part of the cover. When you need spare parts for the frame of the marquee, you need to find your marquee at Dancovershop.com and scroll down to where it says ‘Purchase Spare Parts For’. Here you can find and order all the tubes, fittings, and more you need. Our Spare Part Service is easy to use but in case you need help to find the right bits and pieces, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or Chat.

Repair kit

Repair kit