Pop up marquees

Pop up marquees – gazebo & pop up party tent for sale!

Quite a few of Dancover’s FleXtents gazebos are suitable as pop up party tents.

This is due to their remarkable appearance. Custom-made valances and unique decorative curtains turn these FleXtents into unique pop up marquees.

Their size also matter. The smaller 3x3m pop up marquee is best suitable as catering gazebo. During the celebration, it will be placed next to the main marquee, where guests are seated at their table. In the catering marquee, you will find the wedding cake, the buffet or maybe the bar.

Dancover’s larger FleXtents pop up marquees are also suitable as catering tents at very large parties. However, they can also be used as the main party tent for smaller social gatherings – for example luncheons, garden parties or birthdays.