Pop up marquees

FleXtents® pop-up marquees for all your festive events.

Our original and popular FleXtents® pop-up marquees are the leading brand in the European market. The strong, durable and flexible pop up marquees are the obvious solution for almost any event for private customers as well as for professionals. Visit Dancovershop.com and find the pop-up marquee for your upcoming events - we offer over 1.800 different combinations so we are convinced that you can find the pop-up marquee you need for your upcoming event and all the events waiting to happen in the future. Use one or more of our elegant and sturdy pop-up marquees for your party, fair, market, exhibitions, product launch and much more. When you have experienced our flexible pop-up marquees, you will discover why our FleXtents® pop-up marquees are the no. 1 brand in Europe.

FleXtents® pop up marquees for almost any purpose.

The popular FleXtents® pop-up marquees provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain and wind. Whether you are going to arrange a private party or a professional event, one or more FleXtents® pop up marquees will be a perfect choice for shade and shelter - and for providing an elegant extra room for the occasion. An elegant and inviting marquee will make up the perfect setting for most kinds of gatherings where you need extra room to accommodate several people. Use the flexible structures as a meeting point, as a functioning room, for meetings, exhibitions or simply as a place for dinner and dance. At a professional event, the iconic marquee with digital print will create attention and be a great tool for branding your company and more. We offer to print everything from a single logo to full print with illustrations and your colours on the sides as well as the roof cover of your pop up marquee. Call us and let us tell you about our extensive digital print program.

FleXtents® pop-up marquees are strong, durable, and flexible.

FleXtents® pop-up marquees have among other features the strongest and most flexible frame and most durable cover. Furthermore, the clever design makes it possible to mount the marquee in just a few minutes - and the marquee is also easy to store and transport. In short, a remarkable solution for many events and occasions. Apart from parties, you can use the inviting marquee for a wide range of different purposes such as a market marquee, sales marquee, exhibition marquee, reception marquee, meeting marquee, temporary office or dressing room for a sports event, and more. You can have the FleXtents® pop-up marquees in different qualities depending on your need - and in many designs and colours. We offer marquees made for the occasional family gathering up to our professional marquees made for frequent use. No matter what you need, our marquees will provide pleasant shade, shelter, and plenty of room for most occasions. Call our Customer Service if you have questions about our popular FleXtents® pop-up marquees or any of the many other products at Dancovershop.com.