Camper & Caravan covers

Camper and caravan covers for easy and affordable protection.

Camper and caravan covers include various cover solutions for your caravan, camper, motorhome, MPV, and more. We offer everything from a soft and flexible cover to a storage tent, our unique and innovative FleXgarage™ folding garage. No matter which kind of cover, you prefer, your vehicle will be well protected against the elements. If you do not use your caravan or camper for a period, it will be a good idea to keep it covered to protect it against too much sun, rain, dust, and even snow. Protect your caravan and more against all the above-mentioned as well as bird droppings and the accidental scratches and bumps a caravan may get when parked unprotected. Our soft caravan covers are easy to place over the caravan and more, and the straps and zips make it easy to adjust the cover so it will fit and stay in place. You can even have access to the caravan without having to remove the entire cover.

Caravan covers and various other sturdy cover solutions.

Our soft caravan covers protect your caravan and more when the vehicle is not in use. The soft 3-layer cover is water-resistant and breathable so it will help you keep the caravan looking fine season after season. The sturdy straps and zips make it easy to mount the cover, so the caravan is nice and ready when you want to use it again. Should you decide to sell your camper or caravan someday, you will have a nice looking caravan with well-kept paint and finish. A soft and affordable caravan cover is a great solution if you plan to store your caravan during the winter but you can also spend a little more and select one of our high-quality folding tunnel garages. The FleXgarage™ is in an elegant Italian design with great functionality. It is easy to take good care of your caravan, auto camper, or motorhome with this innovative, sturdy, and flexible folding tunnel garage. The garage also protects your vehicle against the elements and much more. The innovative and flexible construction of the garage makes it quick and easy to use despite the considerable size.

Personal and professional service.

No matter which kind of caravan or camper cover you prefer, we can help you select the best solution for your camper and more. Do you have questions about our soft covers or folding tunnel garages for your caravan or motorhome? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat.