Party flooring

Party flooring makes a world of difference inside your marquee.

We offer various kinds of sturdy party flooring for many different purposes. The obvious purpose is, of course, when you arrange a party or any other kind of event inside a marquee. A marquee will provide you with a lot of room for the event, and you will have shade and shelter inside the structure. If you place the marquee directly on the ground, though, your guests will be sitting on grass or flagstones giving the guests a feeling of a job half-done. When you make the extra effort and lay a floor inside the marquee, you can turn the plain marquee into a wonderful room for the party. By adding party flooring and maybe even a carpet to the marquee, you make sure that the place looks elegant and inviting. Furthermore, the tables and chairs are stable, so your guests will sit comfortably during the entire event.

Party flooring for an elegant and stable surface.

Party flooring in a professional quality has been a part of our large selection of party products for many years. We have many years of experience with marquees in different sizes and designs so we know how important flooring can be. Most of our flooring is made of durable plastic and are delivered in squares that can be joined easily to make a floor in the size you want. You can have flooring in various colours and even in beautiful pine. Please note that our sturdy party flooring in recycled PE consists of the flooring itself together with edges and corner pieces, which makes it easy to get in and out of the marquee without a sharp edge. Use our sturdy and stable party flooring for private parties as well as for professional events. Professional rental companies also use our sturdy and flexible flooring.

Party flooring and a carpet create a most elegant and inviting marquee.

Party flooring may be a minor detail when you arrange a party but it will have a great effect. Do you want to do that little extra to make the party a success? Then you need to throw in a nice party flooring together with the other things you need. We can also provide you with a carpet for the marquee so your party will be both elegant and cosy. The carpets are available in a classic black and an elegant red. The colours are elegant and they will give your guests a feeling of elegance and luxury when they enter the marquee ready to enjoy your event. You can also have a red carpet runner outside the marquee to provide your guests with an elegant and warm welcome. Everybody feels like a celebrity when walking on a red carpet runner.