Racing tents

Racing tents are the obvious choice for motorsports event and more.

Racing tents from Dancover provide you with pleasant shelter and shade from the elements when you are part of an outdoor event. The elegant and sturdy FleXtents© pop-up gazebos protect you from the sun and the rain when you participate in most kind of motorsports event - being it rally, Speedway, track, motocross, go-cart, Road Racing, and more. The iconic printed racing tents from FleXtents© are made to be ready in just 60 seconds. At the same time, they are easy to store and transport, so you can bring them to all the events you take part in both near and afar. You can choose our popular racing tents in many different sizes, colours, and designs. As an important part of the look and feel of a racing tent, you can have your racing tent with a full digital print. An elegant and colourful racing tent with digital print will create full attention at any event. When you put up a colourful racing tent with full digital print on the side of the track or in the public area, people will notice and you will have a lot of attention.

FleXtents© racing tents with your design and logo.

We offer to print anything on your racing tent – pictures, logo, text, and illustrations. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating a FleXtents© racing tent from Dancover. We could mention several elegant solutions - you can have a large photo of the car that race for your team printed - or the drivers or the entire team. It would look great and will create recognition and positive attention. Maybe you want to be a little more subtle. Then we can offer to have the name of the team, the logo and maybe the colours of the team printed on the racing tent. This way, you can present the team in the best possible way on a large, elegant racing tent that at the same time will shelter you and make room for the team.

The sturdy FleXtents© racing tents are for shelter, storage, and much more.

The popular and well-known racing tents from FleXtents© are perfect for when the drivers and others need to get out of the sun or rain between races. The spacious FleXtents© racing tents can also be used as a storage room for various tools and other equipment or as a place to work. Our strong, durable and high-quality racing tents will last for many racing events. Having a high-quality FleXtents© racing tent, you will have a sheltered room to work on the cars, motorcycles, or go-carts and at the same time get a little privacy away from prying eyes.