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Welcome to our shop, where you can find a wide assortment of high-quality products covering most shelter and storage solutions such as elegant marquees, pop-up gazebos, garden gazebos, greenhouses, storage tents, boat shelters, car tents and garages, garden sheds, tarpaulins, and much more. You can also find a large selection of wooden building like garden gazebos, garden sheds, cabins, guesthouses, and annexes.

We also have everything for the party or event - folding chairs, folding tables, flooring, carpets, lighting, heating, and much more. Do you have questions about any of our products? Please call our Xperts or send us an e-mail and they will help you find the best solution every time.

Marquees for sale

Marquees and party tents

An elegant marquee is the perfect setting for most kinds of events covering both private parties and professional events. Choose the marquee you want from the largest selection of marquees and party tents on the market. We offer sturdy and affordable marquees for any occasion. You can have marquees in many sizes, designs, and colours made for everything from the family gathering to a romantic wedding with hundreds of guests to professional events like fairs, markets, and sports events. Our high-quality and durable marquees are based on many years of experience and dedicated product development.

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Event solutions: folding gazebos, digital print etc.

Display and branding products

Our wide range of display and branding products includes a series of professional products made for promoting and branding your company by creating attention and recognition at fairs and other kinds of professional events. Advertising, promotion, branding - it goes by many names. We offer you a series of high-quality products, which can help you create great results for your company by getting attention at fairs, markets, or on a day-to-day basis in a shop or showroom. Choose from printed pop-up gazebos, display boards, feather flags, pop-up banners, A-boards, roller banners, and more.

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Flextents pop-up canopies

FleXtents© pop-up gazebos

We are proud to offer you more than 1.800 different combinations of our popular FleXtents© pop-up gazebo - the no. 1 brand in Europe! The elegant, affordable, and versatile pop-up gazebos in sturdy and lightweight materials are perfect for all kinds of events - from the small gathering to large events like weddings, fairs, markets, and sports events. The innovative frame makes it easy to transport and store and you can pitch it in just 60 seconds! The range includes gazebos for many purposes and the sturdy transport bags make it even easier to take the gazebo with you everywhere you need shade and shelter in great style. Use the gazebo with or without sidewalls depending on the weather and occasion.

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Storage shelters

Storage shelters

Our large and sturdy storage shelters are perfect for all kinds of storage purposes and can sometimes be a great alternative to more permanent storage solutions. Our storage shelters come in many sizes from the smaller portable garages up to the large storage shelters and on to the industrial storage shelters with hundreds of square metres for storage and more. You can use our spacious storage shelters for all kinds of products, goods, machinery, vehicles, fodder, and more. Storage shelters are practical, flexible, and affordable. Dancover is one of the leading suppliers of storage shelters in Europe and you get to choose from a wide assortment of high-quality storage shelters.

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Portable garages

Portable garages

Our sturdy, durable, and portable garages are made to shelter your vehicle and protect it against the elements. The spacious tents will also hold almost anything else you need to keep in a safe and dry place. We deliver portable garages to private customers as well as professionals. With a portable garage, you have room for one or more cars, a small boat, a trailer, a jet ski, a garden tractor, or various materials, and more. In short, with a portable garage, you will have storage room for many things for a short or long time. No matter what you need to keep in storage, we can probably deliver the portable garage to protect and shelter it.

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We offer a wide range of elegant greenhouses in many sizes and materials. You can choose from many different types of greenhouses – the classic greenhouse made of aluminium and with windows in the strong, durable polycarbonate or glass. The affordable and effective polytunnel greenhouses, which are available in all sizes - from the small hobby farmer up to professional sizes. We also have a range of snow-proof greenhouses for areas with much snow - extra strong and sturdy greenhouses. We also have orangeries for enjoying garden life even more. We even offer commercial greenhouse tunnels - so in short, we cover everything within high-quality greenhouses.

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Garden gazebos

Garden gazebos

We offer a large selection of beautiful and elegant gazebos in many different styles and materials like aluminium or wood. You can have permanent gazebos made for daily use and for enjoying a meal in the shade. Use the beautiful structures during the day as well as in the evening. A nice gazebo provides shade from the sun and will shelter from the rain and falling dew in the evening. Some of our gazebos will also protect you against flying insects like mosquitos and more. An elegant garden gazebo will soon become the natural focal point on any patio and in most gardens. Having an elegant gazebo will provide shade, shelter, a place to relax, and a place to be with friends and family.

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About Dancover

About Dancover

Dancover is a private limited company, established in 2003. We are an international e-shop specialising in a wide range of cover and shelter solutions such as marquees, pop-up gazebos, storage shelters, portable garages, work tents, boat shelters, garden gazebos, tarpaulins, containers - and a wide selection of professional event furniture such as folding tables and chairs, flooring, carpets, lighting, and more. We sell our products directly to private and professional customers all over Europe.

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