Barbecue grills

Barbecue grills for gas or charcoal for the perfect barbecue experience.

We offer a selection of high-quality barbecue grills from Barbecook. The famous European manufacturer offers some of the best barbecue grills on the market. You will have many nice details to help you bring your barbecue experience to the next level. Whether you are looking for a classic barbecue grill for charcoal or a modern barbecue grill for gas, you can find it right here. These elegant barbecue grills will help you create wonderful barbecue experiences.

Barbecue grills for charcoal - the traditional way to prepare grilled food.

An elegant and efficient charcoal barbecue grill is a must if you love grilled food. With one of these modern charcoal barbecue grills in a slender design, we have made it easy to prepare deliciously grilled food of any kind. Our slim and elegant charcoal barbecue grill will be the perfect choice if you only have a small garden or patio. You can produce the most delicious food with the perfect grilled flavour. The elegant charcoal barbecue grills have features like the QuickStart® system, which makes it fast and easy to get started. The grill has three positions, which together with the adjustable air supply will provide you with a perfect result every time. Furthermore, you get the innovative QuickStop® system with water and a built-in ashcan at the base of the grill. You can see all the various features together with the barbecue grills in the shop.

Barbecue grills for gas make barbecuing nice and easy.

The large barbecue grills for gas will look great on your patio and more. Due to the many unique features, these barbecue grills will lift your barbecue experience to new levels. Let us mention a few of the many features: the powerful stainless steel burners, One-hand knobs, and a built-in thermometer. Please note that the drip trays can go into the dishwasher and save you time and trouble! The barbecue grills are made of strong and durable materials like cast iron and enamelled wire mesh. You can look forward to a lot of delicious, grilled food made on these wonderful barbecue grills for gas!

Large barbecue charcoal grill for parties and events.

Our elegant and modern barbecue grills for gas and charcoal are perfect for everyday use and the family gathering - unless you have a large family! In that case, we will recommend our large barbecue grill for charcoal. This impressive showstopper of a barbecue grill will have room enough for as many sausages, burgers, and steaks you like - or fish, seafood, and grilled vegetables if you prefer that. It is important to remember that you can always cook for a few people on a large barbecue grill but not the other way around. The large party barbecue charcoal grill is part of our own brand CosyLifeStyle® by Dancover.