The right lighting makes a world of difference at the party.

It is important to arrange the right lighting for any event - private parties as well as professional events. When you arrange a party in a marquee or a function room, the right lighting will create a special and unique atmosphere. Dancover offers a wide range of lighting for indoor and outdoor use. When you host a party in an elegant marquee in the garden, you can select many different and beautiful lights that will illuminate the marquee inside and outside in the garden. Our marquees with large Georgian style windows will look amazing with the right light in the evening and beyond.

Beautiful LED lighting for outdoor use.

All our elegant lighting in our shop is the energy-saving LED. When you use the energy-efficient LED you can light up the event with a clean conscience. The lighting will look amazing and use only a small part of the energy one used before this technology. That means, of course, that the electricity bill is a fraction as well. So turn on the light and have a great party! Visit and see the many options for having great lighting at your next event. Our LED cube light and LED ball light are rechargeable and you can place them inside and outside the marquee as you please. The cube and ball light will help create a great ambience with all the many colours and effects. Having the right lighting, you can make sure that your guests experience the special ambience right from the start of the event and to the end - whether you have the party in a marquee on a patio, in the garden, near a lake or similar or a pool.

Lighting for indoor to create the perfect decoration and ambience.

Lighting for indoor use is just as important as lighting for outdoor. We offer various fairy lights or string light to create a wonderful atmosphere – both when hanging inside a marquee or as a part of the table decoration. You can have fairy lights and string lights with e.g. coloured cotton balls that will create the perfect atmosphere and look for the party as well as for everyday use. Many of our fairy lights run on batteries so you do not have to worry about cords laying around the floor when you decorate for the party.

Lighting for the groovy and fun disco party.

Lighting is important when you want to create the right atmosphere - for parties and more. You can make it elegant, subdues, and cosy as you please - but when you throw a party and you want your guests on the dance floor, you need to do a little extra as it sometimes takes a little more to get the party going. We offer some of the iconic products for the classic party lighting – disco lights. You can have it all; coloured spots, laser, LED strobe light, smoke machine and a disco ball that will reflect the light around the marquee or function room. Be sure to arrange a party that stands out! With the right lighting on the dance floor, you just need the perfect playlist and you are ready to go!