Carports are an easy and affordable way to shelter your car.

Our elegant and modern carports are made of strong and maintenance-free materials. You will soon learn to appreciate the fact that you do not have to worry about rain, snow, ice on the car windows in the morning, UV-rays on the paintwork, or falling leaves when the car is parked under a carport. In the winter, you do not have to spend precious time removing ice and snow from the car anymore. You can assemble and place our elegant and detached carports almost anywhere you need a shelter for your car. The modern and elegant design of our carports makes it possible to combine the structures with most kinds of houses both classic and modern. The carports have neutral colours, blend in nicely everywhere and take up very little room visually due to the minimalistic design.

Elegant carports in lightweight and maintenance-free materials.

All our carports are made of lightweight and maintenance-free materials and you can look forward to having the carport for many years. The carports are easy to assemble and mount but we recommend that you are two for the job. Forget about maintenance, as there will be no rot, rust, or peeling due to the quality materials. Do you want to clean up your carport at some point? Simply use a garden hose and a soft brush if you want to be thorough. If your carport is situated under a large tree, you will have to remove fallen leaves from time to time.

Carports can be used for much more than protecting cars.

The sturdy and lightweight carports are perfect for protecting your car but you can also use it for various other things. In the summer, use the carport as a roof over your lounge furniture or the children’s play area. It will also look great with a spa underneath the transparent roof so you can enjoy the warm water and look at the stars. The carport will also be perfect to shelter bikes, an MC or two, a trailer, a boat, and more. Some of our customers use their carport for the car during the winter and for something else in the summer. Some use it as a patio cover, so they can have a little shade during the day and sit protected from the falling dew at night. We offer professional service and guidance before, during, and after any purchase or request. Do you have questions about our carports or any other product in the shop? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our char.