Marquees CombiTents

CombiTents® marquees - the most flexible marquee on the market.

Having a CombiTents® marquee from Dancover will provide you with a unique marquee that you can scale to fit any event you want to arrange. The adjustable marquee will always match the number of guests you want to invite. The marquee system is a flexible and easy solution, as you often will invite a different number of guests for different events. You may not e.g. invite the same number of guests for a birthday, a barbecue, and for a graduation party. The great flexibility of the CombiTents® marquees makes it possible to use the same marquee for all the upcoming parties - big or small. We recommend that you buy a high-quality CombiTents® marquee, which is made up of several sections. Then you can make a marquee in just the right size for all the events you arrange. One marquee will fit both a small event and a large event - you simply pitch the number of sections required. With a CombiTents® marquee you get so to speak up to 6 marquees for the price of 1!

CombiTents® marquees are the flexible result of knowledge and experience.

CombiTents® marquees are the elegant result of over 15 years of experience with high-quality marquees for private customers as well as professionals. The extended experience and knowledge have led to this simple but quite effective marquee system. A system that provides you with the right size of marquee for various events. Before we could offer you a CombiTents® marquee, you had to choose a specific size of marquee and use it for various events - or you would have to buy several marquees in different sizes. Having a unique and flexible CombiTents® marquee from Dancover, your marquee is so flexible that you have several marquees in one - and always the right size of marquee whether you invite 20 or 80 guests for an event.

CombiTents® marquees - up to 6 marquees in 1!

CombiTents® marquees are the obvious and flexible answer or solution to a general challenge with most marquees - which size do we need. As our marquees are strong and durable, you can use the marquee you buy from us for a long time and many different events. Events that may not be the same in size and number of guests. With our CombiTents® marquees, we can offer you the solution to this problem. By having an elegant marquee divided into sections, you simply have the most flexible solution on the market. This marquee system can match your needs for extra room for a varying number of guests. Why spend the time to assemble and pitch a large marquee for a small number of people - and the other way around it does not work at all. Having a CombiTents® marquee, you simply use the number of sections you need for any event you arrange. Do you have questions about our unique CombiTents® marquees or any of the many other high-quality marquees in the shop? Please contact our Xperts by telephone, e-mail, or chat.