Boat shelters

Boat Shelters for the best storage and shelter of your boat.

We have developed and manufactured boat shelters since 2003 and we have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience. That is why we know that our boat shelters are the perfect storage solution when your boat is on land during the winter - or at any other time for that matter. We offer a wide range of boat shelters such as the series Titanium and OceanCover. We have made both series in the right dimensions to hold different types of boats - tall and wide structures. Our boat shelters all have a strong and durable steel frame combined with a sturdy cover in PE or heavy-duty PVC. Are you looking for a durable cover? Our covers surpass most other covers on the market when it comes to durability. The covers are strong, waterproof, and UV-resistant. Furthermore, do you choose a boat shelter in e.g. white; you will have daylight inside the shelter during the day due to the light cover. Storing your boat inside a boat shelter will protect the boat from the elements while on land. Choose from a wide range of different sizes designed to hold most boats – both sailing boats and motorboats. Another advantage is that the boat shelters from Dancover are large enough to provide easy access so you can get into the vessel at all times.

Boat shelters are also perfect for your camper, caravan, and more.

We have designed our boat shelters to shelter many different types of boats. Do you want a shelter or storage tent for your camper, car, MPV, or caravan? Our large and spacious boat shelters are perfect for that, too. The sturdy and durable storage tents or shelters from Dancover will hold almost anything. Having a Titanium or OceanCover boat shelter, you will have room for storing most large vehicles, so it is sheltered and protected against the elements when it is not in use for a period. A large boat shelter provides room enough for you to work on the boat or vehicle during storage. Our spacious arched storage tents are also perfect for storing all kinds of vehicles, machinery, materials, fodder, and more.

Boat shelters and various accessories for storage and protection.

Boat shelters are the ultimate structure when you want to shelter and protect your boat, caravan, camper, and more. Often though, something a little less will do fine. We offer a large selection of boat frames, stands, high-quality tarpaulins, and boat dollies. These products will also help you protect and shelter your boat while it is on land. A sturdy A-frame for your boat combined with a heavy-duty tarpaulin will protect your boat against rain, snow, dust, and bird droppings. You can also protect the boat with a tarpaulin while it is in the water. Do you have any questions about our strong and sturdy boat shelters or some of the various accessories? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat. We offer personal service and advice before, during and after any purchase.