Polytunnel greenhouses

Polytunnel greenhouses are flexible and affordable.

Having a polytunnel greenhouse, you have everything you need to grow all sorts of wonderful plants. At the same time, the polytunnel greenhouse is an amazing alternative to the often far more expensive greenhouses made of aluminium, polycarbonate, or glass. With a polytunnel greenhouse, you can enjoy an effective greenhouse without having to spend a lot of money before you can start growing vegetables, fruits, and beautiful flowers. Our traditional greenhouses prolong the garden season, so you can start early in the spring and continue into the autumn depending on the climate where you live.

Polytunnel greenhouses in various materials, sizes, and designs.

Polytunnel greenhouses come in many different sizes - from the small one for the hobby gardener up to large structures aimed at semi-professional growers of various produce. The light and affordable polytunnel greenhouses are available with different frames depending on your requirements and budget. You can have frames in galvanised steel, hot-galvanised steel, or PVC - all of them with a sturdy cover, which is easy to mount over the frame. Our various covers are UV-resistant and have a high light transmission - some of the transparent greenhouse covers offer an impressive 95 % light transmission. When you have a polytunnel greenhouse, you can start to grow all sorts of wonderful and organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Be sure to fasten the structure in case of wind and rain!

Polytunnel greenhouses offer the best-growing conditions.

Just like any other greenhouse, a polytunnel greenhouse provides perfect growth conditions for most plants. With a simple and affordable polytunnel greenhouse, you can have beautiful, healthy fruit and much more from your garden. It is easy to grow all kinds of organic produce in the greenhouse, and whether you are into organic food or not, the things we grow in our garden simply taste a little better! It is also good to know that the things you eat from the polytunnel greenhouse contain no pesticides of any kind. Do you have questions about our various polytunnel greenhouses, please contact one of our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our Chat.