Door canopies

Door canopy for shelter at the front door and more.

A light and elegant door canopy is perfect for providing shelter at the front door and other places of entrance. We are all familiar with standing outside the front door looking for keys and more to get inside the house. When it is raining or snowing, we are exposed standing in the open. The same goes for your guests when they arrive and ring the doorbell. They are there in the bad weather waiting for you to open. Having a door canopy will solve the problem in a very elegant way. The door canopy is made of a 100% UV-protected clear acrylic panel. The strong acrylic is durable and almost unbreakable. The transparent canopy has powder-coated galvanised steel support arms, which are quite simple to attach to the wall. You can fasten it to most materials being it bricks, cement, wood, and more. The elegant high-quality canopy is maintenance-free and will provide shelter and keep your entrance sheltered and dry for a long time.

A door canopy to shelter you from the rain, snow, sleet, and more.

Having a door canopy over your front door will create an area where you and your visitors can get out of the rain, snow, and sleet. The canopy will also protect your entrance area and front door somewhat from the elements. A front door is made to withstand the weather, but with a door canopy, the paint on the door will not be as exposed and will look nice for a longer time. Maybe you have flowers in front of your entrance to make it look elegant and inviting. With a door canopy, they are not so likely to ‘drown’ when it rains. The lightweight door canopy is made of clear acrylic, so you do not miss any light in the entrance area. Combine the door canopy with some entrance light to make the area comfortable at night.

Door canopies as a shelter for your lawnmower charging station.

You can also use the sturdy door canopies over windows, side doors, and over the charging station e.g. for the robotic lawnmower. We love the robotic lawnmowers and the time we save while the machine is doing the hard work. When the robotic lawn mower needs to be recharged, it drives back to the charging station and here we recommend that you use the elegant door canopy as a shelter for the lawnmower and the electric equipment. The canopy is an affordable and elegant solution that will prolong the life of the equipment, as it will be sheltered from the elements. Visit to see our door canopies and all the other outdoor products for shelter, shade, and cover.