Pagoda marquees

Pagoda Marquee, Pagoda Tent, Pagoda Gazebo & Canopy.

The pagoda marquee or pagoda gazebo attracts attention because of its adventurous look. The tower or towers of the pagoda tent create this effect.

The pagoda shape, as a circular tower, originates from ancient Buddhist architecture. For instance, you see the pagoda shape when looking at many of the Buddhist stupas.

Dancover delivers the beautiful pagoda tents in a variety of sizes and qualities. Our pagoda marquees are found as major or minor party tents primarily for private use – and as event tents up to 10 x 10m. The latter are primarily meant for professional use.

The pagoda tent is also spectacular when you see it from the inside. The tent has high ceilings. The convex ridge solution contributes to the room’s notable character.

In short, the pagoda marquee or gazebo will add class to your party or event.

See our collection of pagoda tents below.