Pagoda marquees

Pagoda marquees are unique and quite spectacular.

Pagoda marquees are easy recognisable marquees with the distinct pointed roof. This unique shape makes the marquees very popular for all kinds of events both private and professional. The sturdy and elegant marquees will make up the perfect setting for everything from an informal brunch and a buffet to important events like a wedding or a company party and more. The significant pointed roof of the pagoda marquees distinguish them from most other marquees. The elegant structure creates a natural place to assemble whether you have pitched it in a garden or some other place where people are invited for a special occasion. The pagoda marquees are beautiful to watch from the outside and a treat to be inside due to the extended ridge height. The tall roof provides a wonderful spaciousness when you are inside the pagoda marquee. With the right lighting, you can really create magic inside one of these distinct marquees.

Pagoda marquees in different sizes for all events and parties.

No matter which kind of event you are planning, we have just the right pagoda marquee for the occasion. You can have pagoda marquees in sizes from 9 m² up to 100 m². If that is not enough, you can combine two marquees or more. Our sturdy and elegant pagoda marquees are extremely flexible and easy to transform to the event - use the pagoda marquees with and without sidewalls depending on the weather, time of year, and the occasion. Without the sidewalls, the pagoda marquee becomes a wonderful airy structure like a pavilion where the guests can stroll in and out from the shade, as they like. Having some or all of the sidewalls on, you have a closed or partly closed marquee that is more sheltered, closed off and private. Whatever the occasion and depending on what you prefer the pagoda marquees create a unique setting and a wonderful ambience.

Pagoda marquees have many wonderful details and qualities.

Pagoda marquees have as mentioned the significant pointed roof but they also have large Georgian style windows, which provide you with plenty of light inside the marquee during the day because of the great inflow of light. The large windows also provide you with a great outlook and is yet another nice detail of the pagoda marquees creating a spectacular effect. At, you can find an order the pagoda marquee you need as well as a wide range of marquee accessories like e.g. flooring, carpets, heaters, lightning. Furthermore, you can order folding- and stacking chairs, folding tables, and much more. Do you have questions about any of the many pagoda marquees or some of the many other products, please contact our Xperts by telephone, e-mail, or use our chat.