Rabbit hutches

Rabbit hutches are spacious and cosy

It can be great fun to have a rabbit hutch outside in the garden with some furry rabbits. Maybe your children have been pestering you to buy a pet for some time now. With a wooden rabbit hutch and some rabbits, they will be over the moon and you will have some peace. Furthermore, the cosy rabbit hutch will wonderful somewhere in your garden. Place the elegant rabbit hutch on the patio so you have easy access to the pets. We also offer a separate rabbit run in red cedar wood and mesh wire. The run provides room for the rabbits to dig, eat, play, and more. The rabbit hutch has a sleeping area with a ladder and a large door for easy access when you need to clean the hutch or take the rabbits in and out. The roof of the hutch is covered with durable roofing felt, which makes the hutch nice and dry. We deliver the rabbit hutch as an assembly set, which is easy to assemble and make ready for the rabbits to move in.

A wooden rabbit hutch will look great in your garden

With a large wooden run (please order separately) you provide more space for the rabbits to run and play. The run has wire mesh on all sides providing a full view of the cute animals. At the end of the run, you have a door. Together with the two wire mesh lids at the top of the run, you have full access to the animals when they are inside the run. This also makes it easy to clean the run when you want to. It is great fun to have a rabbit hutch and a smart way to teach your children responsibility. Just make sure that you are there as a back-up as children sometimes will forget to feed and water the animals. The wooden rabbit hutch will look great outside on the patio or in the yard, and the great functionality makes it easy to cuddle and tend the rabbits. If you combine the rabbit hutch with the run we offer, you will have some very happy rabbits!

Rabbit hutches are part of our wide range of products for animals

The sturdy and durable rabbit hutches and runs are part of our large selection of high-quality products for different animals. We have products aimed for both private customers and professional breeders, hobby farmer, kennels, and more. Together with the mentioned rabbit hutches and runs, you can have chicken coops or hen houses, dog runs and kennels, and livestock shelters for grazing animals like sheep, horses, and more. The products have great functionality and they are made of durable high-quality materials. Do you have questions about our rabbit runs or any other product in the shop, please contact us by phone, send us an e-mail, or use our Chat.