Display flags

Feather flags create positive attention at most events.

Feather flags, beach flags, teardrop flags, and display flags - they go by many names. No matter what you prefer to call these decorative flags for branding and promotion, you can rest assured that they work - they create positive attention due to their colour and movement. The light and elegant flags will catch the eye of your guests and visitors at fairs, markets, and sports events. We offer to have your logo and more printed digitally on one or more of the elegant feather flags so you are certain that visitors and guests will know you are there. With a printed feather flag, you make sure that your logo is seen. Our customers usually have their logo printed on the feather flags, but you can have other things printed as well. Our digital print display a high-quality representation of your logo, brand, message, or product photo at fairs, exhibitions, markets, sports events, or in a showroom for that matter. You can use the feather flags from Dancover with digital print everywhere both inside and outside. They are light and easy to bring anywhere. Just make sure that you order the right flag base! The various flag bases are steel spears, spiral spears, and the square steel base. You can also order a water bag for weight and an innovative flag holder for mounting a feather flag onto your FleXtents® pop-up gazebo.

Feather flags and all the other innovative branding and promotion products.

The light and colourful feather flags, beach flags, teardrop flags, or display flags are sure to catch the eye of anyone going by at any event. Make sure that your participation is noticed when you are part of an event. Use one or more of our elegant feather flags with your logo, brand, or payoff printed on. All our promotion flags are very easy to assemble and transport. Simply fasten the fabric to the high-quality fibreglass pole and put it into the base. Please make sure that you order the right base for your flag, as you need to order it separately. You can use most of the different feather flag bases indoor and outdoor. However, some of the bases can only be used outdoor! Start by selecting the flag(s) you want and send us the relevant artwork you want to be printed on your feather flag. Simply follow the instructions in the shop. We then print your design on the flags and deliver to you. Please note that because of the printing, the delivery time for our feather flags is a little prolonged. All our various feather flags and other branding and promotion items offer high quality and durable digital colour print. Do you have questions about our feather flags or other promotional products, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat.