Marquees Professional

Professional marquees for rental companies and more.

We offer marquees for a wide range of events and parties - for private customers as well as professionals. In short, as the largest supplier on the market for high-quality marquees, we cover the entire marquee market when it comes to size, design, price, materials, and more. Some of our more affordable marquees are aimed at private customers using their marquee only a few times every year. In the other end of the scale, we offer professional marquees to rental companies, where the marquees are made for frequent use and wear. Some private customer chose our professional marquees to have the best marquee for parties and other events.

Heavy-duty materials for our professional marquees.

Our professional marquees have strong and sturdy frames and durable covers with large windows for the perfect inflow of light. The elegant marquees are made for regular use and all kinds of parties, gatherings and events such as weddings, confirmations, birthdays, and christenings. The marquees are also the perfect solution for professional events like fairs, exhibitions, receptions, flea markets, hawker’s market, and more. In short, the sturdy and spacious marquees will make up the perfect settings for private parties as well as professional events. Our professional marquees are a very popular product among rental companies. Are you looking for a marquee for rental purposes, start your search at or call our Xperts.

Our EventZone marquees as part of our professional marquees.

You can use our professional marquees for many purposes. We are the leading European supplier of marquees and event solutions. We offer marquees, pop-up gazebos, party supplies, and event solutions. We have many years of experience with developing and selling marquees to private customers as well as professional rental companies. Our EventZone marquees in a beautiful and classic design will create a wonderful ambience both inside the marquee and when looking at it from afar. The same can be said about our beautiful and easy recognisable pagoda marquees. The EventZone marquees in a professional and durable rental-quality are made for frequent mounting and use. The durable EventZone marquees come with a sturdy, professional construction made of lightweight aluminium and an extremely strong and 100% waterproof PVC-coated cover. Furthermore, the covers in the EventZone series are flame retardant and approved according to all the various specifications for marquees for rental. Are you looking for a beautiful, extremely durable and heavy-duty marquee, please visit and see the various EventZone marquees? Our Xperts are ready to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after an order.