Marquees Professional

Marquees for sale, heavy duty.

Are you looking for a professional heavy-duty marquee? Are you looking for a marquee that you know will stand the test of time while being used heavily in your rental business?

Well then – you have come to the right place!

Heavy-duty marquees for sale is the essence of this category. Here you will find marquees you can use professionally – for instance in your rental business. You will find quality – the best and most durable marquees on the marked. Moreover, we sell professional marquees at reasonable prices compared to our competitors. Most often, we sell them with ‘Best Price Guarantee’. It means that if you find a marquee at a lower price somewhere else, you can buy it at the same price from us.

You find heavy-duty marquees for sale in a size as small as 3x3m as well as 10 times bigger – that is 30x30m.

All of the heavy-duty marquees we have for sale come with a high pitch roof – either the usual roof pitch or the oriental pagoda.

Not to make the marquee too heavy nearly all tent frames are robust and lightweight aluminium poles whereas the tent canvas is made from either PVC or polyester with PVC backing (only a few of the smaller models uses the latter).

Marquees in this category are the once you invest is when you want the best the marked has to offer at the most affordable price.

Check Dancover’s selection of heavy-duty marquees for sale here!