Safety Equipment

Use Safety Equipment to secure your marquee and other lightweight structures

Our safety equipment includes Safety Packs, weight discs, sandbags and more to secure marquees, pop-up gazebos, and other interim structures. It is important to secure your tent whether you use it for parties, other kinds of events, or for storage. You always have to think about the ratio between weight and surface when you use a tent of any kind being it a marquee, pop-up gazebo, or portable garage. The surface of a tent is like the sail on a boat - lightweight, strong and with a capacity to catch the wind. The wind can therefore take hold of the cover of your tent and turn it over if the tent is not secured and fastened. Even our large and stable marquees can be moved or turned over if the wind is strong enough. That is why we recommend that you always secure your marquee with some of our well-proven safety equipment. That goes for our pop-up gazebos, portable garages, and storage tents, too!

Safety equipment like Safety Packs will make a world of difference

An important part of our safety equipment is the strong and efficient Safety Packs. The packs offer storm straps and storm pegs for securing most of our various marquees and other kinds of tents. The safety packs are also perfect for our various storage tents and portable garage tents. A marquee provides extra room for most kinds of events - from a private party to a professional event. A marquee can provide the perfect setting for many things and it protects you and your guests from rain and too much sun. Order one or two heaters for the marquee so you can create the perfect temperature even at night. When you arrange an event in a marquee, please remember that safety comes first! It is easy and affordable to secure a marquee or similar structure using our safety equipment. Use the strong storm straps and ground pegs to make sure the marquee stays in place. The safety equipment is also perfect for our storage tents, portable garages, and even for the light FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. For the pop-up gazebos, you can also use the special weight discs and sandbags, which sometimes may be an even better solution. Please read our Safety Advice for marquees, pop-up gazebos, and storage tents before setting up the tent!

Safety packs to avoid unnecessary accidents during bad weather

Never put up a marquee or any other lightweight structure during bad weather! Always check the weather forecast to avoid having a marquee or similar raised during a storm. When the weather looks fine, you still need to secure your marquee and other similar structures using a safety pack with storm straps and ground pegs. When you secure a structure like a marquee or similar to our high-quality safety equipment, you can rest assured that it stays in place unless a storm is coming! In short, avoid stupid accidents and always secure your marquee, pop-up gazebo, and storage tent! Please use storm straps and ground pegs to avoid anybody getting hurt in case of bad weather. If you do not secure your marquee or storage tent, your insurance company may not cover any damages caused by the structure!