Printed pop up gazebos

Printed pop-up gazebos for positive attention at the fair and more.

Having an elegant pop-up gazebo with digital print is an effective way to promote your company. Put up the sturdy and flexible FleXtents® pop-up gazebo with digital print at various events such as fairs, markets, sports events, and other professional events. With a printed pop-up gazebo, you will create positive attention everywhere. The FleXtents® pop-up gazebos with or without print are the result of many years of innovative product development. We have developed a flexible, lightweight and durable gazebo for all kinds of events at an affordable price. Many of the pop-up gazebos are delivered in a sturdy transport bag - and if not, you can order a bag separately. The sturdy bags provide easy storing and transport. At Dancover, we have specialised in digital print on our pop-up gazebos. You start by ordering the gazebo you want, send us your artwork – photos, text, illustrations – and we create a unique pop-up gazebo for you. The printed pop-up gazebo is perfect for effective promotion and branding.

Printed pop-up gazebos with your logo and more.

We offer to create a printed pop-up gazebo decorated with your artwork. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating our popular and well-known pop-up gazebos. Start by choosing the photos, illustrations, text and logo you want to use. Then you send us the artwork and we will get the gazebo printed and sent to you. A printed pop-up gazebo will help you promote your brand and tell your story to guests and visitors. You can have everything printed on your pop-up gazebo - everything from a single logo on the valance of the gazebo to a full digital print covering the entire cover of the gazebo. It is all up to you how to decorate your pop-up gazebo. With one or more high-quality FleXtents® pop-up gazebos, you will create positive attention at all the events in which you participate. Most of our printed pop-up gazebos are delivered in sturdy, practical transport bags, which makes it easy to bring the gazebo for all the events in which you take part.

One or more printed pop-up gazebos will tell your story nicely.

A printed FleXtents® pop-up gazebo can often be a great solution when you want to tell a positive story about your brand or company in general. It is all up to you how you make your artwork to be printed on the gazebo. Compose a great mix of logo, colours, text, and photos. If you are going to introduce a new product or brand, have a large photo printed on the cover of the gazebo. Combine the photo with a text and a logo. Use all text to bring your message across to the relevant recipients. You can even print a special offer, especially for the actual event. Do you have more than one pop-up gazebo with full digital print? Then you can present different stories depending on the event. Are you aiming your promotion at more than one target group? Have two or more printed pop-up gazebos with a specific message on each aimed at the relevant group. Do you have questions about our printed pop-up gazebos? Please call our Xperts at