Pool robots

Pool robots are made for cleaning pools in all sizes

Pool robots are made for cleaning your pool so you always can look forward to jumping into a nice and clean pool. With a pool in the garden, you cannot avoid leaves and dirt falling into the water. That is why we recommend that you use a pool cover when nobody is using the pool. You still have to use the pool robot to clean sides and bottoms in the pool. And this goes whether you have an in-ground pool or a steel frame pool above ground. Both types of pools must be cleaned thoroughly for you to enjoy clean and clear water every time you want to have a dip.

Use your pool robot on a regular basis

During the summer, when the pool often is used frequently, you may have to use the pool robot once or twice every week. It is easy to see when the pool needs to be freshened. When you cover the pool every time it is not in use, you can reduce the work and maybe just use the pool robot once a week. If the water becomes cloudy or you can see debris on the bottom of the pool, then it is time to use the pool robot again – or maybe check the pH-level. When the water looks fine and clear, no need to use the pool robot.

A pool robot helps you clean and maintain the pool

You need to use a certain amount of pool chemicals to keep the water in your pool clear and fresh. However, if you do not use a pool robot, the chemicals will not be able to keep the pool nice and inviting. In short, a pool robot helps the pool chemicals to do what they are made for – keeping the water fresh and inviting. As you know, sun light will deteriorate the quality of the water, so again – use the pool robot often during the high summer. Always use a pool robot, which matches the size of your pool. You can have small cable-free pool robots or large and more powerful pool robots for the big pools.

We offer lots of pools and pool accessories

When you order one of our popular pool packages, you will get all the things you need to get started. Please note – a pool robot is not a part of the pool packages! For you to enjoy a clean liner in the pool, order a pool robot separately. Then the bottom and sides of your pool will be pristine clean. This goes for both in-ground pools and the more affordable steel frame pools. The pool packages contain pool filter and skimmer, which also helps you to enjoy a clean pool. A little reminder - use a pool cover when the pool is not in use to prevent leaves and dirt falling into the pool. Do you have questions about our pool robots or pools? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail or use our Chat.