Tepee Bell tents

Tepee bell tents can help you create the perfect setting.

Having a tepee bell tent is a wonderful way to enjoy glamping in great style and comfort. Glamping is the ‘new’ way to enjoy nature up close but without having to lay on the ground on a thin matt or be cold during the night because there is no heat. You can even have some beautiful lighting inside and around the tent to create the perfect ambience. In case you did not know – glamping is the new way to go camping. Especially if you love nature but want to bring a little comfort and luxury. Glamping is made up of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ – you can also call it upgraded camping or luxury camping. However, we think that the word ‘glamping’ is going to stay in our common vocabularies.

Our TentZing® tepee bell tents are perfect for glamping.

We have selected the large and elegant tepee bell tents because they are perfect for glamping. The large and spacious tepee bell tents can help you upgrade a traditional camping experience with an exclusive adventure. Stay right in the middle of nature in great style and comfort. Our elegant TentZing® tepee bell tents can be used for a camping holiday or for making a permanent base somewhere. If you set up the tepee bell tent in the garden at home, you can go glamping whenever you want. The beautiful TentZing® tepee bell tents are made of 280 g/m² cotton canvas with a hydrostatic head of 1000 mm. The groundsheet is in 540 g/m² ripstop PVC and has a hydrostatic head of 3000 mm. The extended ridge height of the large bell tents helps you decorate and enjoy the tent.

Glamping accessories for that wonderful feeling of luxury.

When you want to make the most of your tepee bell tent, order our half-moon shaped matting for the floor. You can also have and arched awning to create a sheltered entrance with room for luggage, shoes and more. The matting is two half-moon shaped pieces in 100 % polypropylene in a jacquard weave with an elegant pattern. The matting covers the entire groundsheet in the bell tent and creates a wonderful look and feel. Order a tepee bell tent today and start looking forward to going glamping this year. Set up the elegant tent in the middle of nowhere and explore nature, relax, and make some great food over a nice bonfire. We hope you will enjoy the unique TentZing® tepee bell tent whether you go glamping in the wild or stay at home.