Dog runs and kennels

Dog runs and kennels in sturdy and durable materials

Private dog owners as well as professional breeders use dog runs and kennels. The popular dog runs are made of heavy-duty materials with mesh wire, which makes it possible to have a full view into the run. This also means that you can have full contact with the dog(s) inside. The transparency of the sturdy mesh wire allows you to interact with the dog even when the mesh wire separates you. You can have two different dog runs. One is a roofed structure, which protects the animal from the weather. That is too much sun and rain. The mesh wire at the same time ensures plenty of light and fresh air inside the run. The door on the roofed dog run has a latch bolt for easy access. We offer the dog run with a roof in two sizes: one with two rooms and one with just one room. The one with two rooms has a partition wall with a door. You can also order a simple dog run with just four mesh wire sides and no roof. Private dog owners, breeders, and kennels can all use both types of dog runs.

Dog runs and kennels for private dogs owners and professionals

The sturdy and maintenance-free dog runs and kennels are made of quality products, which are galvanised and will last for years. Forget about rust or rot. The durable dog runs and kennels can be used for various reasons and purposes. Use it at home or professionally at your kennel or similar. Many of us are away many hours every day, and with a dog run, you can let your dog stay outside in the fresh air instead of having it inside the house all day. You can use a dog run to keep two or more dogs separated, for pregnant dogs, and afterwards when the mother needs time with her new pups. Always be sure to place your dog run on a plane, even surface.

Dog runs is a part of our growing selection of products for animals
The high-quality dog runs and kennels are part of our ever-growing selection of sturdy and durable products for different kinds of animals. Whether you are a private animal owner, a professional breeder, or a hobby farmer, then we have something for you. Have a look at our selection of dog runs and kennels, chicken coops or hen houses, rabbit hutches and runs, and livestock shelters. High-quality materials, great functionality, and durability define all the products. If you have questions about our dog runs and kennels or any other product for animals, please give us a call, write us an e-mail or use our Chat.