Parasols lights

Parasol lights create a wonderful ambience on the patio.

Having our simple and innovative parasol lights may very well be the easiest and most affordable way to create a wonderful and nearly magical ambience on the patio. It is nice to stay outside on the patio when the weather is warm and fine. With a parasol or two, you can have pleasant shade during the day - and in the evening, you will be sheltered from the falling dew. When it is getting dark on the patio, you simply switch on the parasol lights and you can stay out as late as you please thanks to the light from the lamps under the parasols. With a parasol light, you can make it nice and cosy on the patio for as long as you like into the night. Please remember that we also offer other kinds of outdoor lighting, patio heaters, and soft fleece blankets. With a simple and affordable parasol light mounted on the pole of the parasol, you can stay outside enjoying the company of friends and family for as long as you like. A parasol light creates just enough light to see everything but without so much light, that it will ruin the cosy ambience.

Parasol lights for your parasol and various other solutions.

You can mount our elegant parasol lights on the parasol pole under your parasol. You can also use the various parasol lights inside a garden gazebo, a marquee, or a pop-up gazebo. The only thing you need to check is that the tubes or poles you are going to fasten the parasol lights on meets the specifications for the parasol lights. In general, you can mount our various parasol lights on poles measuring app. 35-48 mm in diameter. Please check the specific measurements for each parasol lights in the shop. Our parasol lights have energy-saving LED and you can choose parasol lights for batteries with no chords or a traditional light to plug into an electrical outlet.

Parasol lights as part of the ultimate patio experience.

When you have mounted a parasol light under your parasol on the patio, you can stay outside for as long as you please. You can also use a parasol light to light up a dining area on the patio or around the lounge area. Choose one of the parasol lights with batteries, so you can bring the cosy light everywhere - to the beach, on a picnic, into a forest and more. We offer various parasol lights as well as many other high-quality products for the garden or patio. We offer parasols, garden pavilions, pop-up gazebos, patio covers, awnings, conservatories, windscreens, and much more to help you create a wonderful patio experience for you and your family. Do you have questions about our parasol lights or any other product, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or Chat.