Visitor tents

Visitor tents for arranging safe meetings during the pandemic

Visitor tents offer safe meetings between vulnerable residents at nursing homes and their relatives. The sturdy and flexible visitor tents have a transparent partition wall in the middle of the tent so the two parties inside the tent are safe and separated. Of course, they can see and hear each other quite clearly but with no risk of contamination. This is quite a simple and yet innovative way to help residents and other exposed people keep in contact with their loved ones even if it is under strange circumstances. The visitor tents are our ordinary marquees or pop-up gazebos equipped with a partition wall you can see through. No magic as such but it can make a world of difference for the people involved!

Visitor tents for shade, shelter, and safe visits at nursing homes and more

We still have to keep a safe distance to prevent anyone from getting the virus. By using our marquees or pop-up gazebos outside nursing homes and similar institutions, the residents and their family can finally meet under safe circumstances. You can have our visitor tents in many sizes and to make the visitor tent complete, you can order flooring, furniture, heaters and more. The folding tables and chairs are made of washable materials so the staff can clean and disinfect between each meeting. You can also wash and disinfect the transparent partition wall. The visitor tents create a complete room for the visit. The large windows in the visitor tents create a great inflow of light and the doors easy access even for the disabled. Finally, you can sit comfortably inside the visitor tent regardless of the weather.

Sturdy, flexible, and affordable visitor tents

We offer a broad selection of sturdy, flexible, and affordable visitor tents in the shape of marquees and FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. You can even order a separate partition wall if you already have one of our tents. You can order everything you need right here - the complete visitor tent, a marquee or pop-up gazebo, a partition wall, flooring, and various furniture. Visitor tents are a simple but very effective solution for these strange times. Do you have questions about any of the various products before ordering, please contact us by phone, e-mail us or use our chat? A visitor tent can make a world of difference for the residents and their loved ones.