Glamping tents

Glamping is an elegant updating of traditional camping.

Glamping is a relative new word and a portmanteau of the two words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. You could also call is ‘camping version 2.0’ or simply ‘luxury camping’. It is a new – and for some – better way to enjoy nature up close. Whether you like glamping or a more traditional way of camping, then we have some high-quality tents you can use – at home in the garden, at a camping site or in the middle of nature somewhere nice. The idea of glamping is that you can be outside in a tent – but why lay on a thin matt if you can enjoy a proper bed? And why be cold if you can bring a heater? We can go even further - why not have an elegant chandelier or another kind of lighting so everything is light and cosy? Glamping is all about enjoying yourself outdoor in great style and comfort.

Use our elegant TentZing® bell tents for your glamping experience.

Glamping requires some large and elegant tents – something like our bell tents, which are spacious and will create the perfect setting for your glamping experience. You can have a classic bell tent, an emperor bell tent or the elegant tepee bell tents. You can use the various bell tents for glamping everywhere – at home or someplace a little wilder. If you want to fill your glamping tent with real beds, heaters, carpets and lighting, then it may be best if you make a more permanent place for your glamping. However, the various bell tents can easily be set up anywhere you want to stay and enjoy a little freedom waking up looking at beautiful sceneries like the ocean, a forest or mountains. Our popular bell tents for glamping are made of 280 g/m² cotton canvas with a hydrostatic head of 1000 mm. The groundsheet in 540 g/m² ripstop PVC has a hydrostatic head of 3000 mm.

Make the glamping experience even better.

When you set up a spacious bell tent you will need some accessories to make it into a true glamping tent. Among other things, we offer half-moon shaped matting for the floor of your glamping tents. The matting will turn the plain floor into something cosy and beautiful. The matting is two half-moon shaped pieces in 100 % polypropylene in a jacquard weave with an elegant pattern. The matting covers the entire floor inside your bell tent and creates a wonderful look and feel. You can also add an arched awning to your tent and create a sheltered entrance to the bell tent. The arched awning is made of sturdy cotton canvas. The awning will shelter the entrance, but at the same time make room for luggage, footwear, and more. Order your bell tent today so you can go glamping and explore nature, relax, or tell long tales around the bonfire in front of the elegant bell tent. In short, our popular TentZing® bell tents are perfect for a wonderful glamping experience at home or somewhere far away.