Table Covers

Tablecloths can make every table beautiful and elegant.

Tablecloths are impossible to do without if you want to set an elegant table. When you are going to hold a party or other kind of event where your guests are sitting down to wine and dine you need to set the tables with an elegant tablecloth. We offer various kinds of tablecloths - the ones that stretch and are attached to the table as well as the traditional tablecloths. We have tablecloths for all our various tables - folding tables and banquet tables - the square and the round tables. Almost any table will look great with the right tablecloth and become elegant and inviting. A tablecloth is a base for a nice table setting with decorations and beautiful tableware. At, we also offer LED fairy lights perfect for creating a spectacular table setting. Choose from many different colours of tablecloths and make the perfect table for any event – elegant, cool, dramatic, or romantic – it is all up to you.

Tablecloths in soft, elegant, and durable materials.

You can have many different types of tablecloths. Maybe you prefer the traditional soft tablecloths, which hangs elegantly down the sides of the table. Maybe you prefer our modern stretch table covers, which wraps itself tightly around the table and covers the tabletop as well as the legs. We offer many different tables - round, square, banquet, bar tables - and we have tablecloths for all of them. Please make sure to check the size of your table before ordering a matching tablecloth. Another option is to order everything together - tables and tablecloths to be sure everything matches.

Tablecloths for many different types of tables.

Tablecloths can be used for many different tables - even tables that are not from Dancover. We offer tablecloths in many different colours, styles and sizes. Apart from the many different tablecloths, we offer all kinds of folding tables and chairs for your event. Choose from a wide range of high-quality folding tables, banquet tables, and bar tables – all with retractable legs so they are easy to store and transport. Having one or more of our tablecloths, you can set an elegant table every time you throw a party for friends and family or you arrange a more formal event. Do you have questions about our tablecloths or folding tables and chairs, please contact our Xperts at