Metal garages

A metal garage provides safe storage for many years.

A sturdy and durable metal garage provides plenty of room for your car and more. With a Dancover metal garage, you get a spacious structure with plenty of room for your car, MC, trailer, tools, and more of the stuff you need for the car. You can more or less place the modern metal garage anywhere you like on your lot. As opposed to a carport, you can close and lock the metal garage thus securing the vehicle and the stored things. Our popular ProShed metal garages are available in different designs either with a double door, a rolling door or with two rolling doors. The metal garages all have easy access and some of the garages even have a separate entrance in the shape of a side door so you do not have to open the large door every time you are going inside the garage. Apart from one or two cars, the large metal garages are perfect for storing all sorts of things like garden machines, bicycles, an MC, a small boat, tools, and more.

Metal garages for safe storage.

Our ProShed metal garages are high-quality products that will last for many years without you having to worry about maintenance. With a metal garage, you can forget about rot, rust, and peeling! The sturdy zinc-coated steel plates will last for many years and that is why we offer you a 10 years anti-corrosion perforation warranty on your ProShed metal garage! Apart from the large and modern metal garages, we have a wide range of similar products like our popular metal garden sheds or tool sheds in many different designs and sizes. We recommend that you place your strong and durable metal shed or metal garage on a firm base like concrete, flagstones, or wood. Do you have questions about our metal garages or the wide range of metal garden sheds, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat.