Storage buildings

Industrial storage shelters for professional use.

Our wide range of industrial storage shelters in professional quality is the perfect solution for all kinds of companies in need of a flexible storage solution. At, we offer a wide range of high-quality storage buildings and shelters designed and produced in Europe. You can select from various materials and sizes - and you can order extra sliding gates, extra doors, extensions, and more to customize the storage building to meet your demands. The large storage shelters are made of high-quality materials like aluminium, steel, heavy-duty PVC, and more. All this combined provide you with professional storage shelters in industrial strength and at a very competitive price. In short, we offer industrial storage shelters, which are a flexible, financially attractive alternative to permanent buildings. Finally, the industrial storage shelters have an intelligent construction for quick assembly.

Industrial storage shelters as a more permanent storage solution.

Because of the sturdy and durable materials, you can use our industrial storage shelters as a permanent storage solution. Look at each of the various storage shelters in the shop to see the specific snow and wind loads for that specific shelter. The snow loads vary from app. 20 up to 120 kg/m² and the wind load is around 28 m/sec. Are you situated in an area with much snow, please contact our Xperts to find out more about the options to purchase an industrial storage shelter with a higher snow load?

Our industrial storage shelters include personal service and advice.

A large industrial storage shelter will be a substantial investment for most companies. We offer a range of high-quality industrial storage shelters at a very competitive price and please remember that our shelters are a strong alternative to steel buildings. Do you consider buying a high-quality storage shelter? Talk with one of our Xperts, as they can answer all the questions you may have about materials, standards, transport, cost, snow and wind load, and more. Please note that you have the option to customize your storage building with extra sliding gates, two doors, or an extension - but you have to order everything at the same time due to production. Use the large industrial storage shelters for storing all kinds of materials, goods, vehicles, and more - or use the space for production purposes, as the large structure will make a fine sheltered workplace.