Flexshelter work tents

FleXshelter work tents for emergency, maintenance, and construction.

Our wide range of professional FleXshelter work tents includes tents and shelters for construction, emergency, medical, supply, and more. We have made sturdy and flexible work tents to meet the demands from various professional within many different trades. As a common denominator, all the tents and shelters are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. The tents are also easy to transport and store, and finally, they are made of strong and durable materials. The FleXshelter work tents have bright colours, which make them easy to see from afar - an important feature within many trades such as road and construction work as well as medical and police matters.

Work tents for when things have to go fast.

Many of our FleXshelter work tents are the so-called 5-second tents, which has gotten the nickname because they can be pitched in just a few seconds on arrival at an emergency. The bigger and inflatable work tents are also extremely fast and easy to pitch, transport, and store when not in use. Our work tents cover personnel from the elements when they are working somewhere outside and have to perform their job no matter the weather. The tents also cover for prying eyes and photographers when you need some privacy to do the job. We also offer safety screens that will cover and secure at various jobs, sports events, and more.

FleXshelter work tents for many different jobs and events.

Our range of work tents includes some of our popular FleXtents© pop-up gazebos, which will work for all kinds of jobs and more. Thanks to the innovative frame, the pop-up gazebos can be ready within a few minutes. Use the work tents for emergency or construction and repair - for short term and long-lasting cable, plumbing, and electricity jobs. We also have tents - and welding umbrellas - especially designed for welding jobs where you need to be extra careful.

FleXshelter work tents for protecting and sheltering your staff.

Our sturdy and durable work tents are great for sheltering materials, tools, and people in need of medical help, and more. It is also important that the people working outside have a shelter to protect them against too much sun, rain, snow, or prying eyes. See our wide range of professional FleXshelter work tents and all the various other products made for the people working outside helping others, repairing important supply equipment, building and maintaining. Do you have questions about any of our FleXshelter work tents and more, please contact our Xperts at Dancovershop.com.