Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs for all kinds of indoor and outdoor events.

Tables and chairs are hard to do without no matter what kind of event you arrange. At, you will find the largest selection of tables, chairs and other things you need for the party. Choose from a wide range of folding tables, folding chairs, stackable chairs, benches, beer table sets, and banquet tables. All our folding tables, folding chairs, and stackable chairs are easy to handle, transport, and store. As part of our wide assortment of modern and comfortable chairs, we offer a selection of elegant, stackable chairs in sturdy and maintenance-free materials for use indoor as well as outdoor. It is important to select comfortable chairs when you are going to have guests seated for many hours at a party, a show, a concert, and more. At, you can choose from a wide selection of elegant chairs. We have several classic white folding chair with a soft and comfortable seat as well as various stackable chairs in a modern design made for comfort and style. All our folding chairs are made of strong, durable, and lightweight materials, which makes them easy to set up, comfortable to sit on and easy to fold and store after the party.

Stackable chairs in durable materials and a modern design.

You can have stackable chairs in many elegant shapes and designs. The chairs play an important part in making your guests feel comfortable during an event. When you select high quality, beautiful and elegant stackable chairs your guests will feel comfortable and you can make them feel welcome and appreciated as well. Our elegant stackable chairs in Italian design will also look elegant and will help to create the right ambience. Use our stackable chairs inside and outside as you please. The chairs are available in both a classic and more modern design so they can fit in at most events. The chairs are light and easy to stack and store when the event is over. You can also use our durable, lightweight and elegant stackable chairs permanently as dining room chairs or professionally at cafes and restaurants.

Folding tables and more for all your upcoming parties and other events.

Folding tables are perfect for every time you need extra room for dining guests. The tables are perfect for events inside a marquee as well as in a functioning room or anywhere else for that matter. Our sturdy folding tables or banquet tables are easy to handle and transport. Make sure you have folding tables ready for the next time you are having a party or hosting an event. Use the folding tables as they are or make them elegant by adding one of our various tablecloths. Our folding chairs and stackable chairs may also look nice on their own, but with a stretch cover and maybe a bow, something almost magical happens. It is a wonderful feeling to enter a marquee where the folding tables are beautifully set, the folding chairs or stackable chairs have been decorated with a cover and a bow, and the marquee has been decorated with some beautiful lighting. Whether you are going to arrange a wedding or a more informal event, we have all the things you need to make a wonderful setting.