Folding table and chairs set

Are you having a party? Are you hosting a food stand at a festival or an event? Do you occasionally need to seat people due to some of your business activities (whatever they may be)? Do you own a rental business?

Whenever you need folding tables and chairs – whatever you need them for, Dancover will cover for you.

At Dancover, we have a variety of different folding table and chair sets. You can buy round folding tables in different sizes. Alternatively, you can go for the square variant. We have the size and shape you need and the chairs to go along.

Check the selection below and remember – we have even more types of folding tables and chairs in our actual shop. Check all of these folding table and chairs right this minute!

Occasionally you will find a folding table, chair or bench with a chrome or aluminium frame in our shop. For the most part the folding table and chairs you find at Dancover are light-weight furniture with a frame of strong powder coated steel tubes. The table top, the seats and backrest etc. of the folding chairs are high-density polythene plastic.

All our packages bring you folding table and chairs of a high quality, but look out for the ones labelled ‘QUALITY PRO’. They signify products in a class you can use in your rental business.

Besides practicality, two parameters have guided our product design: beauty and comfort. The reason why we want our folding table and chairs to be as beautiful as possible is that they are often used at special occasions.

Comfort is a very important factor too, because when your guest are comfortable, they will sit at your table for a longer time and you will be able to enjoy their company for longer.

So get comfortable while you socialise with our excellent and practical folding table and chairs.