Car & bike covers

Strong and sturdy covers and folding garages for cars, MCs, and caravans.

We offer a wide range of strong, flexible, and affordable cover solutions for your car, MC, caravan, and more. You can choose a simple soft and flexible cover, a folding garage, or a folding tunnel garage to shelter your car, MC, or caravan against the rain, snow, UV-rays, and more. If you have a vehicle, which you do not use for a period, it will a great idea to cover it. Then it will be sheltered and protected from the elements and more. The covers and folding garages can be used both outdoor and indoor. Have your precious vehicle well protected the sun, rain, bird droppings and the accidental scratches and bumps a car or caravan often get while parked in the open without a cover of some sort.

Covers and folding garages for regular cars and more.

Our soft car covers have three layers of water-resistant and breathable fabric. This construction will reduce mould, mildew, and minimise condensation. Our soft car covers are semi-adjusted to fit more or less every regular car model on the market. If you have a car that is out of the ordinary for some reason, call our Xperts and together you can find a solution for your car, too. When you cover your car with one of our soft car covers, we recommend that you remove the aerial and turn side mirrors in. Another solution is of course to use a folding garage, where you simply park the car inside the shelter. Many of our high-quality folding garages are flame retardant for your safety. No matter which kind of car cover you prefer, your car will be well protected against the elements. The soft covers are quick and easy to put on the car, to remove again and to store when not in use. Apart from the various folding garages, folding tunnel garages, we also have a range of soft covers for MCs, scooters, caravans, and more.

Caravan covers and folding tunnel garages.

We offer various solutions to protect your caravan when it is not in use. Choose between a soft 3-layer cover and our high-quality folding tunnel garage. Both kinds of covers are water-resistant and they will keep the caravan or camper looking fine for many years. Sturdy straps and zips on the softcover make it easy to mount. The straps will keep the cover in place in all kinds of weather. The folding tunnel garage works as an ordinary garage protecting your vehicle from the elements and more. Should you decide to sell your caravan or camper one day; the price will properly reflect that you have protected your caravan against the weather. Our various caravan covers or folding tunnel garages not only protect your caravan against the rain and snow but also against dust, scratches, bird droppings, paw prints, etc. A caravan cover or folding tunnel is the perfect solution when you store your caravan during winter. Do you have questions about any of our soft covers, folding garages, or folding tunnel garages? Please call our Xperts so they can help you find the best storage solution for your car, MC, caravan, camper, and more.