Safety packs

Safety packs are important to make your marquee experience safe.

Safety Packs from Dancover include storm straps and storm pegs so you can fasten your marquee when you are having a party or similar. The Safety Packs are also for other kinds of party tents, storage tents, and pop-up gazebos. We offer marquees and other structures in many different sizes so you can have the marquee and more to fit your event or storage requirements. Whether you want to invite a few or many guests, we can supply you with the right marquee creating all the extra space you need. Our marquees have large windows to provide a lovely inflow of light. To make sure that the event is safe for all involved, we recommend that you secure the marquee with a safety pack.

Safety packs are easy to use and will make everybody safe.

With a little practise, you can assemble a marquee in no time so you have an elegant shelter for you and your guests. A high-quality marquee will shelter you from the rain, the sun and even cold weather if you mount the sidewalls and maybe turn on a heater or two inside the marquee. Even though you may have many things on your mind when planning a party or similar, please do not forget the safety. Our Safety Packs will help you secure your marquee using the strong storm straps and sturdy ground pegs. Please read our Safety Advice in the shop where we recommend that you always secure your marquee or pop-up gazebo - even when the weather forecast looks fine. A marquee is a relatively light construction and a little wind can make big problems. That is why you need to secure your marquee with a Safety Pack every time. When having secured the structure, everybody can enjoy the party without having to worry about the weather changing.

Safety packs can secure your marquee and avoid accidents.

In short, you are not supposed to raise a marquee if the weather is bad. Even when the weather is fine, we recommend that you secure your marquee with a safety pack. Use the storm straps and ground pegs to fasten the marquee. By securing your marquee with a Safety Pack, you can enjoy the event without having to worry about the weather - unless there is a storm coming! In that case, you need to take down the structure. A marquee may seem heavy, stable and secure, but do not underestimate the power of the weather. Even a large marquee may lift or turn over in case of too much wind. Furthermore, if you do not secure your marquee, the insurance company may not cover the possible damages. So make sure you fasten your marquee every time you put it up.