Portable garages

Portable garages are flexible and affordable.

Having a portable garage will protect your car against rain, snow, and more. We offer many different sizes of portable garages so you can have one to match your car. The sturdy structures will also be a perfect shelter for many other things like bicycles, motorbikes, a trailer, garden machines, and more. You can also use a portable garage for storage in general and have a lot of storage room at a very affordable price. Private customers, as well as many companies, often need extra room for storing various items. With a portable garage, they have a clean, dry, and flexible place for storing more or less everything. Use the portable garage for your trailer, jetski, garden tractor, materials, garden tools, and more. In short, our sturdy and affordable garages with a steel frame and a cover in either PE or PVC are the perfect place to store things for a shorter or longer period. No matter what you want to store and shelter, we can offer a strong, flexible, and affordable solution. We deliver everything from small portable garages up to industrial storage shelters. Visit Dancovershop.com and see the many options for finding just the right storage solution.

Portable garages for shelter and protection.

Our portable garages or storage shelters are developed and produced to offer the best protection from the elements for all kinds of vehicles. The portable garages are available in sizes from just 2x2 m. The small garage is spacious and it will fit in almost anywhere. The smaller portable garages offer the same protection as we use the same sturdy materials as we use for the larger garages. All the portable garages are flexible, offer good headroom, and a large door, which provide easy access. As a private customer, you can choose from a variety of smaller portable garages for one or more cars. Do you need more room? We offer many large portable garages and storage tents with room for many vehicles, machines, and materials. We offer storage shelters up to several hundred square metres, so we guarantee that you can find a flexible storage solution no matter your demands and requirements.

Portable garages with many important features.

The portable garages from Dancover have covers in UV-protected and flame-retardant PVC or PE and are 100% waterproof. The garages are available in white, grey, forest green, and camouflage, so your portable garage tent will blend in nicely with the surroundings. The portable garages are delivered with a dirt skirt and extra flooring to give the structure even better protection against the elements. We recommend that you order a Safety Pack with storm straps and ground pegs to secure the portable garage. Having fastened the garage with a Safety Pack, you can sleep at night even if the weather is acting up. Our portable garages have a frame made of industrial-quality steel tubes designed to give you an easy and quick assembly. Finally, our portable garages provide you with a durable, resilient, and affordable alternative to a permanent building.