Marquee Linings

Linings make your marquee look even more romantic and elegant.

Our marquee linings can add even more to your high-quality marquee. The large and elegant structures with steel frames and light and sturdy covers are beautiful and inviting in themselves. There are plenty of good reasons why so many use one or more marquees for their various events. The flexibility, low cost, and durability make a marquee the perfect solution for many events and parties. A marquee creates the perfect setting for many different kinds of events - from informal gatherings to important events like a wedding. When you are going to arrange an important event in a marquee - especially a romantic event - please be sure to add some marquee linings, which will turn any ordinary marquee into a romantic dream come through. We offer the largest selection of high-quality marquees on the market with many fine details and more, but we still recommend that you use our marquee linings when you want to do that little extra which makes a huge difference for the bride and groom - and all the guests. In short, nothing compares to our elegant and romantic marquee linings in combination with a leg curtain-solution.

Marquee linings for when you need to do that little extra.

Our marquees are available in numerous different sizes and qualities. No matter which kind of marquee you prefer, you can easily turn it into something extraordinary by adding our marquee linings. It is a wonderful feeling having a soft, white fabric hanging down from the ceiling following the sidewalls of the marquee. It creates a unique, cosy, and romantic feeling and at the same time, the fabric hides the metal frame and joints inside the marquee. When you mount marquee linings, it is quite easy to forget that you are in a marquee and not inside a romantic castle or in an elegant banqueting room at an exclusive hotel. Choose from a variety of sizes of linings and curtains that will fit exactly the size of your marquee. Combine the marquee linings with more romantic fabric like our popular chair covers, bows, and stretch tablecloths.

A marquee lining makes the event even more romantic.

Marquee linings for the ceiling together with soft leg curtains in a beautiful satin look will create the perfect ambience for weddings and other romantic events. Linings and leg curtains in a marquee make the room look soft, elegant, and very romantic. A minor detail like linings and leg curtains play an important role and the soft fabric will create a big impact when you are inside the marquee - and afterwards looking at photos from the special day. Compared to the overall expense for having a party or other important event the expense for an elegant lining and leg curtains will not add up to a lot - but we guarantee you that it will make a huge difference. You can, of course, select marquee linings and leg curtains fitted exactly to the size of your marquee. Do you have any questions, please contact our Xperts by telephone, e-mail or by chat.