Disco lights

Disco lights will create just the right ambience on the dance floor.

Disco lights are hard to do without if you want to create the wonderful feeling we all know from discotheques and clubs. Where everybody is dancing and having a wonderful time. At your upcoming party, you can treat your guests with just the right ambience. With a shiny disco ball with small pieces of mirror reflecting the spotlight, LED strobe light for maximum effect and changing coloured light set called a light organ the setting is perfect for fun and dance to the early morning. Make sure that you have room enough in the marquee for a dance floor! We offer pop-up gazebos and marquees in all sizes. Furthermore, you can have a Bluetooth light bulb with sound and light effects. The innovative and fun light bulb may not be suitable for a dance floor but it will be perfect for the children’s room and more. How about a smoke machine that will shroud the dancers and create an intimate and special feeling on the dance floor? In short, we can help you make your upcoming parties and other events a great success. Order our disco lights and more today so you are ready to make the right settings for your guests to dance the night away.

Disco lights will make a huge difference at the party.

Disco lights are iconic and people will know right away, what you expect from them - dancing! Disco light simply has that ability and effect on people - the colourful lights simply create a fun atmosphere of party and dancing. All you need to do is making the best possible playlist for the party and be sure that your guests will hit the dance floor in no time - and stay there! Disco lights may be an essential part of a party with dancing, but do not forget to create the right ambience before the dancing begins. Creating this inviting ambience also includes lighting. At Dancover, we offer a wide range of lighting for indoor and outdoor use. Are you planning a party in a marquee? Then it is a must to decorate the marquee with the right light. The light will create both ambiences and make it possible for everybody to see each other and see where you are going. Do not forget to decorate outside in the garden as well as inside the marquee to make your guests feel welcome. After dinner, the dancing may begin - and here disco lights will make a huge difference. Have a great disco party!