Caravan awnings

Camper and caravan awnings for all kinds of leisure pursuits.

With one or more of our elegant camper and caravan awnings, you can enjoy the great versatility of these popular awnings. The functions may not be immediately related and then again - it is about being outside enjoying nature and life. When you need a camper and caravan awning, use the strong, lightweight structure in front of your camper, motorhome, RV, caravan, and more when you are on holiday. At the same time, the structure can be used as a pop-up gazebo for various events with friends and family at home or somewhere else. The unique trapezoidal-shaped structure can be pitched in no time to shelter and provide shade in the garden, on the patio, and more. Use the elegant gazebo as an extended patio, as an awning over the patio, or like an extra room or conservatory with all the sidewalls mounted and closed.

Versatile camper and caravan awnings offer many solutions.

You can bring the lightweight camper and caravan awning on holiday and pitch it in front of your caravan and more in just a few minutes. There are many ways to enjoy the versatile gazebo or awning. When you mount all the sidewalls, you have a closed room with a great inflow of light due to the large windows. In the evening, you can roll down the built-in curtains and use the room to sleep in. If the weather is hot, use the awning or pop-up gazebo as a pavilion with just the roof cover and no sidewalls. The pavilion will be perfect for shade and will let the air pass through. Please note that our popular camper and caravan awnings come with a sturdy PVC floor. When you have the awning in front of your caravan and more, the floor will create a large and dry extra area despite the weather. Whether you use the structure as a camper and caravan awning or as a pop-up gazebo, the floor will provide a great feeling, comfort, and prevent moist from the ground coming into the tent.

Camper and caravan awnings A.K.A FleXtents® pop-up gazebos.

The elegant camper and caravan awnings or pop-up gazebos are part of our popular FleXtents® pop-up gazebo series. The series offers over 1.800 different combinations when you include different colours, size, shape, and accessories. Our innovative FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are flexible, strong, and adjustable in many ways. One of the many purposes you can use the gazebos for is as a sturdy and elegant camper and caravan awning. Apart from this specific purpose, you can use the versatile gazebos for a wide range of purposes and events.