Folding benches and beer table sets for events and parties

Folding benches are an easy and affordable way to have plenty of seats for many guests at all times. Our folding benches are sturdy and very easy to clean and handle. We offer folding benches with a powder-coated steel frame with foldable legs and a seat in high-density polyethylene. We also have a wide range of beer table sets with benches and tables in strong and beautiful pine. You can fold all our benches completely into a flat, compact box. The benches in polyethylene also have a handle, which makes it very easy to handle the benches when folded. Just grab the handle and move the bench. Even if you require many benches, they will be easy to store as they only take up limited space. We offer various products for handling many benches and beer table sets at the same time. Look for our table trolleys, sack truck or roll containers.

By our benches in bulk and save even more money!

Our strong and durable folding benches are designed to meet the demands of both private customers and professionals. Here we offer you to buy folding benches separately or choose one of the packages with e.g. 25 benches or maybe a set of folding benches and a folding table in the same sturdy materials. Our folding benches, as well as our sturdy beer table sets, are available in different lengths. Our beer table sets with benches and a table are extremely popular for all kinds of events - from the iconic October Fest and other festivals to neighbourhood parties or block parties, children’s birthday parties, events in the sports club, at school, and more. Be sure to have enough seats for your guests at all times – both at home and your company. All our benches and beer table sets are easy to store and easy to sanitize or clean in general.

Folding benches in strong and durable rental quality.

Folding benches are perfect for all kinds of informal events where your guest do not have to sit for hours on end. We all know that you can obtain a better comfort with our stacking chairs or folding chairs, but our folding benches and beer table sets have proven perfect for most events like the famous October Fests and much more. The benches help to bring people together creating a wonderful ambience. Even when you need to keep a social distance, the benches will work - simply order the long benches! Having folding benches and folding tables in this great quality, you can have the party where you want - inside or outside, as you like. You can use all our benches and beer table sets outside if you like. Order today and have a great party!