Patio covers

Patio covers provide for many enjoyable hours on the patio.

A patio cover creates a wonderful room outdoor where you can enjoy your garden even when the weather is not the best. The patio cover is a quite simple and affordable solution when you want to use your patio a little more - during the day as well as in the evening. Having a patio cover will make it possible to stay outside even if it is raining. It can be quite cosy to sit outside looking at the rain without having to worry about getting wet. The patio cover will also protect your lounge furniture and more when it is underneath the sturdy cover. The transparent cover even protects you and the furniture from the damaging UV-rays from the sun. In the evening, the patio cover will protect you and the furniture from the falling dew so you can stay outside a little longer. The patio cover will also protect other things you put under the cover - garden furniture, your BBQ, bicycles, toys, and more.

Patio covers and conservatories for enjoying your garden to the fullest.

A strong, lightweight patio cover can be used for various purposes apart from the evident - to cover your patio. Use it as a carport or a shelter for your bikes and garden machines and more. The patio cover can also cover the children´s play area so they can play out of the sun and the rain. There is also room for an elegant spa under the transparent patio cover - and you can still see the stars at night! When you use the patio cover as a carport, you do not have to remove snow and ice from the car in the morning. You can take it a step further and add a lovely conservatory to your house. Having a conservatory beside the patio will not only make your house bigger but also lighter, as the large windows will create a wonderful inflow of light into the house. Use it all year round for plants, relaxation, and to enjoy the light and outlook.

Patio covers and conservatories in strong and maintenance-free materials.

Our patio covers and conservatories are strong and light structures made of maintenance-free materials. You only have to be two persons to assemble and mount the patio covers and conservatories and with no need for using special tools. When the structures are ready, you do not have to worry about rot, rust, or peeling as the patio covers and conservatories are maintenance-free. Simply wash and clean the structures with warm water if they need to be cleaned. Use a garden hose and a soft brush if you want to be thorough. Do you have questions about our patio covers or conservatories? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or Chat!