She Sheds – a trend that keeps growing

She sheds are the new garden trend

She sheds has come to stay if you ask some of the thousands of women who have made their own place inside a garden shed or gazebo. We have known the term man cave for many years and it has been generally accepted that a man needs some time for himself – to mess with some tools, watch sport on the television and all the other clichés. Now the time has come for women to claim some space for themselves – and for some reason the love has fallen on sheds in one or the other version – the so-called she sheds. Whether you decorate your old shed in the garden or buy a new shed or gazebo, the point is to have a room of your own where you decorate and can be in charge.

She sheds for relaxation, exercise, or creative hobbies

It is not that important what you do in the she shed – the whole point is that you create a place of your own with the furniture and decorations of your liking. Simply use the she shed or backyard hideout for a little time-out from time to time. You are free to furnish your she shed as an office, creative workshop, reading room, a bar, conservatory, or a place for meeting friends – the entire point of a she shed is that it is your room – although it may not be the biggest room there is. That is actual part of the charm. See our various she shed products here:  

Dancover offers elegant and sturdy she sheds

We offer a wide range of high-quality products for the garden and more – including a wide range of wooden sheds and garden gazebos perfect as she sheds. The wooden structures are made of selected Nordic wood that gives the sheds and gazebos great strength and durability. You can have the she sheds in natural wood or in light grey or dark grey. Do you choose the natural wood, you are free to paint the she shed in exactly the colour you like – a great start for a personal she shed? Visit and find the she shed you want. Whether you choose a traditional shed – or you can see yourself inside one of our wonderful garden gazebos with large windows with a perfect inflow of light – you will have a place to decorate with your own furniture, knick-knack, and other stuff. Keep it simple or fill it up – it is all up to you because you are the boss in your own she shed.