Wooden garages Modularo® in strong and durable Nordic wood

Wooden garages for sheltered parking and more

Our wooden garages Modularo® are elegant and durable structures for parking your car(s) in a sheltered place. Apart from the perfect place to park, you will have room for various garden tools, small machines and other things you need for the car or for the garden. You can have a closed wooden garage with a large double door for easy access, or an open solution without doors for easy parking. You can also use the garages for your MC, boat, garden machines, family bikes and more. The wooden garages give you plenty of room, so you can enjoy sheltered parking at home. Forget about removing snow or scraping ice on cold winter mornings – as well as knowing that the car is sheltered from damaging UV and more in the summer.    

Wooden garages in beautiful natural wood

Our wooden garages in beautiful natural wood – or in a painted version – provide a perfect and classic solution for your car and more. You can have a wooden garage in natural wood, but then you need to treat the garage with wood protection as soon as possible after assembly to protect the wood against the sun and the rain. Use your favourite colour or use transparent wood protection and enjoy the look of the natural wood for years. You can have the high-quality wooden garages in solid 40/44 mm selected Nordic wood. The wooden garages have an apex roof or a slanting roof to prevent water from assembling. All our wooden garages Modularo® come as a pre-fabricated assembly set. It is important that you are two for the job as some parts are heavy, and you need to be accurate. The various garages must be placed on a plane and stable base like concrete, flagstones, or wood.

Modularo® is a modern lifestyle brand

Modularo® is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on high quality, durability, and comfort. The brand offers a wide range of long-lasting wooden products like sheds, garden gazebos, garages, and wooden cabins, making your garden life even better and more enjoyable on a permanent basis. The brand provides you with elegant design, functionality, and room for living. Do you have questions about our wooden garages Modularo®? Please contact us by phone, e-mail, or use our Chat. See the various wooden garages here: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/products/garages.aspx