Elegant planters with built-in light

Planters create ambience

Our new line of elegant planters will light up your garden or patio when the daylight disappears. The elegant planters have a built-in light for impressive ambience outside in the garden or inside if, you prefer. The beautiful planters come with an E27 bulb or similar, and all you have to do is plug it in, and you will have an amazing light source in combination with one or more plants of your choice.

A beautiful combination of a light source and a planter

Our new planters have beautiful white light and are perfect for creating an amazing ambience no matter where you place it – in the garden, on the patio or somewhere inside the house or at the office. With one or more of these elegant planters from Dancover, you can create the perfect ambience for everyday use and special events both. Depending on the size of the planter, you can have almost any kind of plant in the planter. The various planters are not just elegant containers but they have predrilled holes for drainage, so your plants will thrive and grow. Do you prefer to place the planters indoor? Please use a saucer or similar under the plant, so the water does not run out!   

Dancover offers a wide assortment of decorative lighting  

Lighting creates a unique feeling and is extremely important when you want to create a beautiful ambience – for everyday life and special events. Dancover offers a wide assortment of LED lighting or lighting with energy-saving bulbs such as the new planters and more. Our planters and more of our LED lighting products will provide a fantastic ambience and at the same time save energy. The brilliance of LED is that even though it is energy saving, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the light – neither the strength nor the ambience. Visit Dancovershop.com and see our many LED products such as our fairy lights, cotton ball light strings, inflatable event light, LED cubes, LED balls, floor lights, Christmas lights, rope light, and much more.

Battery operated, rechargeable or with a cord  

Many of our lighting products are for traditional use with cord and socket, while others are battery-operated (or rechargeable), which makes it possible to place the lights exactly where you want without having to consider where the nearest socket is – or having extension cords all over. This kind of light is perfect for table decoration and when you are having an event in a marquee or similar. A wide range of the Dancover lighting is made for outdoor use – that, of course, goes for our new planters and more.