CosyLifeStyle® – a modern lifestyle brand

CosyLifeStyle for all the good things in life

CosyLifeStyle® by Dancover is a modern lifestyle brand offering a wide range of high-quality products for you to enjoy outside in your garden, on the patio or just at home in general. The products have been developed and produced with a focus on design and functionality. Having a CosyLifeStyle® product means having a garden gazebo, pergola gazebo, greenhouse, and more elegance, comfort, and quality at the best price. CosyLifeStyle® offer you the perfect mix of quality and very competitive prices. We offer nice and elegant products in a modern design, made of durable materials and with many details, which will ensure that your outdoor life will be comfortable, pleasant, and cosy.

Beautiful garden gazebos and pergola gazebos

CosyLifeStyle® by Dancover offers – among many other products – a series of beautiful garden gazebos in sturdy, durable, and maintenance-free materials like aluminium and galvanised steel. This means that you may focus on the good life, forget about rust, rot, and maintenance in general. The series also includes exclusive patio covers in strong and maintenance-free materials to provide a wonderful room outside where you may enjoy many hours of pleasant shade and shelter from the rain.

Greenhouses and beautiful orangeries in polycarbonate 

Are you in the market for a beautiful greenhouse or an orangery, which can make a wonderful improvement to most gardens? Our sturdy greenhouses and orangeries have polycarbonate panels instead of the classic window glass, which can be fragile in windy weather or if things hit the structure. The strong polycarbonate panels are more or less unbreakable and will last for many years. The greenhouses as well as the orangeries provide perfect growth conditions for most kinds of plants – from simple vegetables to beautiful flowers. Furthermore, you can use the orangeries as a wonderful garden gazebo and stay outside enjoying the garden in almost any kind of weather.

CosyLifeStyle® also offers patio heaters, parasols, and warm blankets

When the sun has set, the CosyLifeStyle® patio heaters will make a huge difference when they provide heat for you and your guests on the patio or inside the garden gazebo. To make the evening a little warmer and cosier, use our faux fur blankets and throws. They will keep you and your guests warm together with the patio heaters. Our parasols will also create pleasant shade during the day and a nice and cosy place at night on the patio. See the entire selection of CosyLifeStyle® products here: