Best Electric Patio heaters – a Buyer’s Guide

Electric patio heaters

All our electric patio heaters are an indispensable part of outdoor life – on the patio, inside a gazebo or marquee, under an awning, in a greenhouse, or somewhere in the garden. The pleasant heat will prolong the evening and make your outdoor life even better. We offer a wide range of high-quality patio heaters, which can make a huge difference when you want to enjoy your garden, even when the temperature is a little low.

Electric patio heaters in many shapes and sizes

You can have tall or low free-standing patio heaters, patio heaters for mounting on a wall, hanging heaters for the patio and marquee, and fan heaters for marquees, gazebos, greenhouses, and more. In short, a wide range of high-quality heaters provide a pleasant warmth for everyday life as well as for various events.

Various types of heaters

All our various patio heaters are electric as they are flexible, efficient, and easy to use. They all provide pleasant heat at a low cost, and it is up to you to select the best heater for your need and purpose. You can choose from infrared heaters, halogen heaters, quartz and carbon heaters. Please note that many of our various patio heaters have a remote control for easy use. Here you can read more about the various types of patio heaters we offer.  

Infrared Patio Heaters

Infrared patio heaters operate in the infrared spectrum between 9–14 micron metres. Unlike the harmful ultraviolet rays produced by the sun, this is a specific range that poses no health risks. It is electromagnetic waves causing molecules to oscillate and release energy, which we experience as heat. The energy from an infrared heater is absorbed by people and furniture, so no energy is wasted trying to heat up the surrounding air as we know it from traditional oil and gas heaters. That is why you can rest assured that your infrared patio heater will generate instant warmth whenever it is required. The infrared heater does not use a huge amount of energy and by not using oil or gas, you can minimize the emission of harmful carbon dioxide into the environment.

Did you know?

Halogen heaters, carbon and quartz heaters all give off near-infrared radiation. This is a short waveform of infrared which produces a bright glow and intense heat. Halogen, quartz, and carbon refer to the materials used and not for the kind of heat the heater produces. 

Halogen Patio Heaters

Halogen patio heaters are in many ways very similar to infrared heaters. They are electric, quick to heat up, emit energy in more or less the same way and generate no harmful emissions. Most halogen patio heaters will also radiate their energy primarily in the infrared spectrum. In comparison with infrared heaters, halogen heaters provide a stronger light, so you can say that they use some energy on light, making them a little less energy-effective. Halogen lamps are so named because halogen gases are used to extend the lifespan and increase the brightness of light bulbs. In short, halogen heaters produce warmth and light and will make the patio very cosy when it is getting cold at night.  

Quartz Patio Heaters

Our quartz patio heaters are also perfect for creating a pleasant warmth on the patio and more when you need to create a cosy place in the evening and more. The quartz refers to the material used for the heating source but the heater itself is very similar to our infrared heaters emitting a pleasant heat with a minimum of energy consumption.  

Carbon fibre heaters

Carbon fibres in your patio heater create pleasant infrared heat. To confuse matters even more, a quartz bulb is often used to house carbon. Using carbon fibres provide instant heating thanks to the excellent electrical and thermal conducting performance of carbon fibre with almost no loss of heat during the transfer from electricity to heat.

Enhance the overall outdoor experience

For creating the best possible outdoor experience in the garden, we recommend that you apart from a high-quality patio heater order an awning, a parasol, a garden gazebo, or a sun sail to create a special room for staying outside even longer despite a little cool air or a summer drizzle. See all the various patio heaters and more here: