Beer Table Set

Promoting equipment

Dancover is the proud sponsor for XTERRA Nordic’s sports events. When they arrange one of their many events like trail run, mountain bike race, and triathlon, you can see our professional promotion equipment at the spectator’s area, the Finisher’s Lounge and along the route. Our professional promotion equipment was very visible at the XTERRA event in Tisvilde Hegn in the north of Zealand. The weather was a bit rough, but the event was a huge success – and our professional promotion equipment made a huge difference. Professional promotion equipment from Dancover Do......

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Tables and benches for events

Beer Table sets are the perfect choice for most kinds of events and celebrations. Even though you may associate the iconic table with benches with the popular event of Octoberfest in Germany and other places, the flexible beer table set can be used at almost any kind of event – from a children’s birthday party to an event at your workplace or in the sports club. The beer table set can be set up in no time, takes up very little room when not in use and is both sturdy and practical......

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