Popcorn machines

A popcorn machine will be popular at most kinds of parties.

Whether you arrange a party for children or grown-ups, most people love the taste of freshly made popcorns - especially if they can watch them being made right in front of their eyes. With one of our large, shiny, and fun popcorn machines, you will get everybody’s attention when you bring out this elegant showstopper. Use the popcorn machine at family gatherings and all other kinds of events, and your guests will welcome freshly popped popcorn at some point during the party. We offer an elegant popcorn machine with or without matching cart. The machine looks just like the well-known popcorn machines we have seen at carnivals and fairs. The large and shiny machine will make plenty of freshly popped popcorn and create a great ambience all along. The vintage popcorn machine in red and silver has a built-in pot for popping tasty popcorn. Popcorn like this will be lots of fun at most events – especially at parties for children and young people. Are you having a party for adults? Do not underestimate the craving for a delicious, salty snack at some point during the evening! In short, an elegant popcorn machine will be a perfect showstopper at most events.

The elegant popcorn machine is easy to operate.

Our popular popcorn machine has shining aluminium on the inside and stainless steel on the outside. The unique boiler system and heating tubes are made especially for making hot and delicious popcorn. Simply fill the pot with corn kernels and enjoy when the popcorn pours down into the room under the boiler. Now you and your guests can enjoy all the tasty popcorn you can eat. You can have the machine to put on top of a table or order the matching cart for the popcorn machine. With a cart and a popcorn machine, you can move freely around the party and serve the popcorn.

A popcorn machine and many other fun things for your upcoming party.

At Dancovershop.com, we offer you this popular and fun popcorn machine with or without a matching cart. Order the two items together and get a wonderful showstopper that will draw attention and happy faces at any event. Just having the popcorn machine itself will also be terrific. Whatever you decide, with one of our popcorn machines you can serve all the popcorn you want at all your upcoming events. Freshly made popcorn is never going out of style! You can also start the machine when the family wants to see a movie. It will create the perfect ambience for a great film. NB! We also offer a selection of cool Slush Ice machines if your guests are getting thirsty from eating all those popcorn.