Mats and sleeping bags

Mats and sleeping bags for camping and stay-overs.

Mats and sleeping bags are useful for so much more than camping. Even though our mats and sleeping bags are made for camping, they will come in handy for stay-overs at the school, sports events, family visits, family outings and more. Having a soft mat and a comfortable sleeping bag, you can sleep almost anywhere. When you go camping, though, do not leave home without a high-quality mat and a sleeping bag. We offer a series of mats and sleeping bags in a modern design made for the camping trip and more.

Self-inflating sleeping mats makes everything so much easier

Our self-inflating sleeping mats from Outwell comes in a single and a double model. The easy-to-use plastic valve makes the mat very simple to use. When inflated, the sleeping mat is 5 cm thick and has a tough, durable polyester exterior. The sleeping mat is easy to bring anywhere due to the enclosed carry bag. Bring the light mat with you when you go camping or when you are going to stay over at friends and more.

A comfortable airbed for when you need a little more luxury.

Do you want to sleep a little softer than a self-inflated sleeping mat can offer? Then you can have one of our comfortable Outwell airbed, which is the luxury way to sleep when camping or anywhere else for that matter. When you go camping, the air-filled mattress will insulate so you cannot feel any cold or moisture from the ground. With an airbed in this quality, you will lie soft, comfortably and wake up refreshed. Alternatively, use the single or double airbed for a sleepover when you have visitors or when you need a place to sleep while away from home. The soft velour finish makes the sleeping bag or the sheet stay in place. The airbed has a double seal valve, which makes it easy to inflate and deflate. The large and soft airbed takes up very little room when deflated.

A sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable.

You will also need a comfortable sleeping bag when you go camping or when you stay over somewhere. Our Easy Camp sleeping bag is in a classic mummy-shape that will offer comfort with the overall shape and snug-fitting hood. You can use the sleeping bag in temperatures ranging from -5° C to 22° C. The brushed polyester lining feels soft and warm next to the skin and two bags can be zipped together to make a double sleeping bag.