Storage solutions from Dancover – flexible and affordable

Storage tents and storage shelters

Dancover may very well offer the largest selection of flexible storage tents and shelters on the market. We have an impressive amount of flexible and affordable storage solutions for our professional and private customers. Our extensive range of storage solutions covers storage shelters, portable garages, and boat shelters to mention just a few.  Our storage shelters and portable garages are flexible and have a sturdy cover of either PE or PVC and a strong frame in galvanised steel. In short, we offer you the perfect storage solution for your car, MC, boat, garden machines and other equipment and materials.

Storage tents and shelters for your car, MC, boat, and much more

Our innovative and durable storage solutions for cars, MCs, and boats are flexible, sturdy and easy to assemble for most people. We offer a wide range of tents and shelters in various sizes that will fit your MC, car, boat, or caravan when you want to store your vehicle or vessel for a shorter or longer period. The storage tent, portable garage or boat shelter can be erected in your garden, backyard, or, e.g. on the harbour. No matter where you put the shelter, it will protect anything inside from rain, snow, bird droppings etc. Having one of our large boat shelters or other large and spacious shelters, you have room for working on the stored item while stored. You can also set up a work place in a sheltered environment inside the storage tent – in connection with construction and more.

Storage solutions from Dancover are flexible and affordable

Flexible and durable storage solutions provide you with extra room for the things you want to protect. Whether you need one of our smaller storage tents or one of the bigger ones, you can rest assured that your materials, car, MC, boat, caravan or something else will be protected well during storage. The Dancover storage tents are flexible as they are easy to disassemble and erect somewhere else when you need to relocate or do not need the storage room for a while.

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