Storage tents and shelters

As the leading supplier of storage tents in Europe, we are proud to offer you the largest selection of flexible storage tents and storage shelters on the market. High-quality storage tents are ideal for many purposes – including a sheltered place to work in connection with, e.g. a construction site. When you select one of the larger shelters, you will have room for materials and at the same time have room to work out of the sun and sheltered from the rain. Our storage tents have a strong steel frame, covered by......

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Heaters from CosylifeStyle

Heaters make a huge difference in the evening when the temperature drops outside. With an effective patio heater, you and your guests can stay on the patio for much longer in the evening. We also provide heaters for your marquee. Dancover and CosyLifeStyle offers various types of heaters – heaters for mounting on the wall, standing on the ground, or hanging under a parasol etc. Heaters with different kinds of heat sources Heaters from Dancover and CosyLifeStyle cover both heaters, blowers and electric fans. These powerful heaters are perfect when you need......

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