Folding tables and folding chairs for all your upcoming events

Folding tables and folding chairs

Folding tables, folding chairs, and stacking chairs are an essential accessory for any event or party. Whether you arrange a private ado or a professional event, you need sturdy tables and comfortable chairs for your guests. Dancover is the leading supplier of party tents, marquees, and accessories for the European market. An important part of our assortment is high-quality folding tables and folding chairs in many different styles and designs. Apart from the classic folding tables and folding chairs, we offer a wide range of stacking chairs in durable, weatherproof materials – a majority in a beautiful, modern, and Italian design. Add to this our wide range of accessories like tablecloths, table and chair covers, and bows for decorating the chairs – to mention but a few items. Because of our extensive selection of party supplies, Dancover is the perfect place to shop, when you want to make your event really beautiful and romantic.

Folding tables and folding chairs for easy transport and storage

Our folding tables and folding chairs designed especially for easy transport and storage. Our folding tables and folding chairs are sturdy and durable and at the same time easy to handle, to transport and to store when not in use. Do you need to handle a larger number of folding tables and folding chairs? We offer sturdy and practical trolleys for easy handling and storage of the items. An important detail is that our folding chairs also are very comfortable.

Stacking chairs in a modern, elegant design

Our stacking chairs are a practical and elegant way always to have plenty of seats for your guests. At the same time, our stacking chairs are easy to transport and to store. Dancover has a wide range of elegant lightweight and sturdy stacking chairs in a modern Italian design among other styles. The elegant stacking chairs are beautiful to look at, and they will look great at any event. The stacking chairs are available in many designs, colours and materials.

Folding tables and folding chairs with beautiful and romantic covers

Our folding tables and folding chairs can be used as they are, but if you want a more soft and romantic look and feel, our covers are a perfect choice. Our stretch covers provide your event with a soft and romantic ambience. You can choose covers for both the chairs and the tables. Some of the covers are in stretch material and others in a soft, delicious fabric that looks exquisite. We also offer large bows for the back of the chairs that also will add to the romantic look at any romantic event, especially weddings.