Folding garages for elegant storage and protection

Elegant folding garage

A FlexGaragetm folding garage from Dancover is an elegant and efficient storage solution for your car or motorcycle. The innovative and flexible FlexGaragetm folding garage is perfect for both short-term storage and protection as well as long-term storage. Park inside a folding garage and you know that your vehicle is clean and dry every time you need it. You can have a Dancover FlexGaragetm folding garage for your car and your motorcycle.

Folding garages protect your vehicle all year round

The sturdy and innovative FlexGaragetm folding garage protects your car from dust, rain, hail, snow, UV-rays, falling leaves, bird droppings and more. In other words, with a folding garage, your vehicle is protected all year round. At the same time, your folding garage protects your car or motorcycle against the so-called parking dents and scratches your vehicle often receives when parked in a public places without any protection.

Smart parking with a FlexGaragetm folding garage

You can place the elegant folding garage almost anywhere; in parking lots, next to your house, in the driveway, in the yard, at work or other places where you normally park. Are you having a car or motorcycle stored indoor? Then the folding garage will serve as a fine protection here as well.

Folding garages for much more than cars

The innovative FlexGaragetm folding garage or FlexGaragetm Deluxe folding garage can also be used for storing and sheltering many other things like garden machines, bicycles, toys and sports equipment. The portable garages from Dancover consist of a strong steel structure for maximum strength and durability and with a durable and waterproof cover. The FlexGaragetm folding garage and the FlexGaragetm Deluxe folding garage is quick and easy to assemble and use.